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My virgin ears.
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The Phero Faerie

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My virgin ears.
05-17-2010 11:17 PM

I need to study for this grammar exam but seriously it's so boring for me to absorb at like 12am in the morning, I'm going to do that on the bus... on the way to school demain. I know I am horrible.

Anyways, today... was a sex day, seriously when I talked with my friends... all the sudden it would turn into a sexual conversation. Eek

I wore

- 3 sprays Alpha-androstenol (I think it's 25mcg) it was a new bottle so I kept pressing the thing to pump get it working and yea I ended up with 3... I thought I was on high heavens

- Essence of Woman (5 drops)

Self effects: I actually felt upbeat, and bouncy, like I had a lot of energy. Usually I'm lazy but today I was hyper!


- People LOVE Alpha Androstenol. I got on the empty bus, on the next stop there were like at least 10 school kids and they came all the way to the back and sat beside me Eek dang!!!

- One boy I think he was 16 kept looking at me, at first I thought he was trying to look at the streets but then I caught him a few times staring... while I cringed... Sorry guys, but boys younger my age hitting on me makes me feel a bit awkward :S

- One the school kids are gone the elderly people come, and again the seats beside me, near me are all occupied!!! WOW! It really makes you feel special! Smile lol

- So once my stop comes, I get to school to help out a friend involving this software program... thing is we both couldn't think right LOL! (damn Alpha Androstenol I was a little dumb to use so much of it when I really need my brain to work). We were both so high... we kept laughing I was like good lord, my stomach hurts I need to leave!

- So anyways, I'm chilling outside TG's office, TG comes in. And then asks me "Who are you? Do I know you?!"

Excuse my naivety or stupidity but I can not flirt for the life of me I'm still clueless. So I gave him this long glance, like *dude do you seriously not know me?! like are you stoned?* And he keeps going on about how he has never met me at all Eek So I bitch and walk out and voldemort gets in the office and starts laughing.

Once voldemort gets in, he tells me that he missed me Rolleyes and goes on about how he can't be in a room alone with me because of last time (LOL I don't know what he's talking about... when was "last time?!" lol) and then when TG walks in he starts making sexual comments on how TG will see me naked one day.

I wanted to kill myself. But I changed my mind and ran out the office.

So I went out waiting for my other friend in the hallway, TG starts making comments about his ... you know... manly... thing (oh-my-god) Not what I wanted to know!!!! Well let's say that it was too much info and the smirk on his face wasn't really helping it!

He wanted to see a tattoo I got so he kept trying to lift my pants up to see my ankle and I'd be telling him "NO!!!" (cause it looks gross... it's healing Sad and you know I'd like him to see it when it looks less nasty).

So my friend finally comes to pick me up Smile and he's just standing there... and he's waiting. It was AWKWARD! My friend asked me if I wanted to go out for a chat with him and I looked at her like *woman I'm here to help you... to pass the course!!* and TG was waiting for my reply. But I didn't say anything, and TG finally said that he was teasing and walked away.


So I get to my friend's lab and sat down with her and helped her with the programming. Thing is my proffessor from college kept rubbing his behind on my back. God. I kept moving forward but then he'd learn more into the computer and push his behind even more Eek I finally moved a lot closer to my friend, but gee!!!

And that was about it. It was an awesome day today I Heart Alpha Androstenol it does make people notice you. Though sometimes it's just a little too much for me to handle... personally... would have been better if voldemort and my teacher didn't go crazy P
(This post was last modified: 05-17-2010 11:21 PM by esmeralda.)
05-17-2010 11:17 PM
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Getting comfortable

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RE: My virgin ears.
05-18-2010 5:40 AM

Alpha Nol is great stuff, I agree! I think it was probably the reason for the "popularity" type reactions. The sex talk and such was most likely a result of the Essence of Woman . Try the A-nol without the Essence of Woman and see what happens.
05-18-2010 5:40 AM
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