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My Glace Lightsilicone Review
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Getting comfortable

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My Glace Lightsilicone Review
03-16-2014 7:51 PM

Generally 2-3 sprays to the chest/throat.

Effects on Self:
Slightly more talkative. During the initial testing of this, i wasn't cognizant of the a-nol on myself. It does bring out the "stupid" in me for a quick second. Be careful and aware when you have this on.

Effects on others:
People all around become chattier. This one guy was sharing a story about how he broke his arm from wrestling, a car wreck, and weightlifting, all on the same arm lol.

Reaction 1:
White brunette male, 18-20, that sits in front of me in Anatomy class that I don't know very well just out of the blue asked me what's up before class started. I was minding my own business, playing on my cell phone when he popped this question. After I asked him how he was doing, he went on about his new job at a gas station and how a 'certain race' would come in at 1am asking for black and milds.

Reaction 2:
White blonde female, about 16-17, in my Art class would ask me questions about what's on the upcoming test. Before Glace, I could tell she was attracted to me, but maybe as the semester went by she was accustomed to me? Anyway, with Glace, she seemed to initiate more, whether it was serious or BS talk.

Reaction 3:
White brunette female, about 20, i bumped into at the library when i was studying. She was on her way out when i caught her and we chatted for a good 5 mins. We're just acquaintances through other people, but there was some necklace playing on her part. She seemed nervous, too. I suspect maybe because she's attracted to me? This was the first time I noticed any IOIs from her, as from what I recall of her, she was always kind of quiet and never showed any IOI that I could pick up.

Bottom line:
I enjoy this product. Never tried Come Talk To Me, but Glace seems to be a mix between IO/IH (a spiritual Come Talk To Me, I suppose). Only bad part is that I got the silicone version instead of the alcohol. I'm thinking of sending this back to get the alcohol version instead, as I don't like what silicone does to the skin.
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03-16-2014 7:51 PM
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Khan Solo
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RE: My Glace Lightsilicone Review
05-08-2014 10:57 AM

What does silicone do to skin to dislike it?

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05-08-2014 10:57 AM
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Getting comfortable

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RE: My Glace Lightsilicone Review
11-13-2016 6:16 PM

I didn't notice anything negative when I used Glace, other than it didn't seem to do anything, and that was when I bought it this last July or August. I sent it back for a refund. I should probably give it one more try. Maybe.

Verrrrrry interesting...
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11-13-2016 6:16 PM
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