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My First Pheromone Experiment
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RE: My First Pheromone Experiment
05-07-2012 9:42 PM

(05-07-2012 8:25 PM)OliOSunshine Wrote:  I'm not sure where you guys got the impression that I am trying to get him back???

Because we've been there before and know what a bad place it is to be in.

(05-07-2012 8:25 PM)OliOSunshine Wrote:  DOes this help? hahah But dudes! thanks for havin a girls back in such an intense way! Smile))))

As has already been said, "We have everyone's back here" Welcome to our humble little family. Stick around and I can pretty well promise you will grow to love it here!

(05-07-2012 9:03 PM)OliOSunshine Wrote:  That's all I'm doing here...

I really hope that's true, because it sounds like you've already been through a lot and you deserve at least some recovery time.

I've been married.....and divorced twice myself, so I know that it ain't easy, and I didn't have kids or custody battles to deal with.

Nobody changes until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change....
05-07-2012 9:42 PM
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RE: My First Pheromone Experiment
05-07-2012 9:49 PM

Regarding mones, I suggest trying safe Socials such as Hypnotica or Glace. You can increase communication and hopefully gain some answers that you require thus allowing you to possibly achieve closure, 1 way or another.


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Damn near everything!
05-07-2012 9:49 PM
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Checking out the place

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RE: My First Pheromone Experiment
05-07-2012 9:56 PM

Nah, I get what youre saying.. I'm super skeptical that he'd open up about it anyway.. thats kinda what I'm half expecting... i'm not putting all my eggs in the pheromne basket. I'm intrigued by them and wondered if they'd help. So I thought I'd share the experiment. If it works or if it doesn't is really of no consequence. I'm gunna try to talk to him regardless and either they help or they do nothing. Its not gunna hurt.

and if he doesn't wanna talk, I can't make him. you know? At least I tried. Thats kinda my feeling on it from an emotional standpoint. He need to put on his big boy underwear and grow up. The End. I'm a mom to a two year old... thats enough diaper changing for me! lol Smile

Anyways, I completely respect your angle. You're not a sugar factory-candy coating everything you say! I'm cool with that. I think I came off too mushy and invested. I was more trying to hype myself up for the "talk" by making an experiment out of it. LOL I do care about him. I care about where he ends up and I have great memories with him. But it is what it is now between us. I really am fine with that. But it would be seriously Bad A$$ if the mones worked a miracle, no?
05-07-2012 9:56 PM
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