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My First Pheromone Experiment
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My First Pheromone Experiment
05-07-2012 2:31 PM


I just received my first order from True Pheromones. I'm teetering on the fine line of hoping this works and not getting my hopes up too much.

Here is my situation:

I started dating my hs crush about 2 years ago. It was on the heals of my un-finalized divorce and so our relationship was not very public or "official"... except between the two of us and our closest friends and family.

A year and a half into our relationship, my divorce was still dragging on (I have a small child and custody agreements were not being made) and the man who I fell so in love with and saw a real forever with grew weary of waiting. We gave our relationship to fate and remained friends. Very good close friends.... best friends even.

Well, he began casually dating another girl. He said it was just to bide his time while I sorted out the things I needed to, to be free of my marriage. But in the last few months things have taken a turn for I DON"T KNOW WHAT, with him and this new girl. All of his family and friends have expressed their concern about this relationship and she has since found out about our relationship and has become very threatened by me. The new girl has made it very clear that she will play dirty to get me out of the picture - even in friendship - and has lied to him about me.

To avoid the drama of it all, he has reduced his communication with me to almost nothing - unless we are alone or with the friends or family who have asked me to try to get through to him - then hes sweet, fun and even affectionate - just not very open... So I am calling upon the aid of True Pheromones "TS" and "TL" to get him to open up!

We do have a very intense connection naturally. In fact, almost every time we are around each other something inevitably goes down in a good way! But things haven't been this (for lack of better words) bad before. I chose TrueSexiness because it seems something of a standard for us ladies. A good boost for self and I figure I'm gunna need all the confidence I can muster up! I contemplated between TrueCommunication and TrueLove and ultimately chose TrueLove because it seemed to incorporate what TrueCommunication does with some extra comfort.

I sprayed one spray of each on myself (TS on my left shoulder and TL on my right).

TrueSexiness does have a bit of a "cheap" vanilla candle smell at first. But after about a minute it warms up to your body and becomes pleasant. It didn't really make me feel immediately UBER sexy... so i will admit its not magical Sexy Juice that turns you into a sex kitten. HOWEVER, after wearing it for just one hour, I do notice that despite having started my period this morning (when I normally feel like a social outcast) I do kinda have the urge to get out of the house! An effect? Quite possibly.

TrueLove had a very surprising odor. Like I said I am completely inexperienced with pheromones and copulins and things of this nature... I read somewhere that copulins have an aroma and that they are prevalent in TL. Well, to me, it smells of marajuana... marajuana that is dressed up in a big fancy Vanilla dress and woodsy shoes. Like TS, after a minute or so it lightens to a nice warm scent. Here's the funny thing about it. I am struggleing with feeling like I need more of it on. hahah. Not sure what that's about exactly... I "love" it? 'maybe! Does that mean its working!? Well regardless, Im thankful that they threw in a free travel size for me.

So, the next two weeks will be my experimentation time. I will try different # of sprays for each and see what kind of results I get from people. And on Memorial Day weekend is when I will see my guy. My objective is mostly just to get him to open up. I think I can do this by using TS to come in like a mutual friend and remind him of our connection. And then have my buddy TL, make good use of that connection and relax him and comfort him into a place where he might let his walls down with me. Does that sound realistic?

In the meantime.... if anyone who has experience with all this has any advice or suggestions or trial and error to share, I"M ALL EARS!
05-07-2012 2:31 PM
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