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Manimal 2 - The New Beast
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RE: Manimal 2 - The New Beast
01-01-2018 3:29 AM

I thought that the original manimal was supposed to have some elements of ruthvah so would have been musky. The scent of manimal 2 isn’t strong but I agree it’s a bit solvent-y.
01-01-2018 3:29 AM
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Thumbs Up RE: Manimal 2 - The New Beast
01-30-2018 9:21 AM

Product name and scent

Manimal 2

Technically unscented but product does have a relatively strong scent. I usually wore it covered with Dirty English cologne.

Application dosage and locations

Between 2” and 12” spread between the tops of hands and sides of the neck

Enviroment tested in

Various retail locations

Time exposure

Anywhere from 30 seconds to several hours

Duration of effects

6+ hours

Effects from mixing with other products



Approximately 5' (1.5 meters)

Self effects

Rather impressive mood enhancement, felt more of a masculine swagger, feeling almost compelled to socialize, bad next day crash depending on dosage

Effects to others

Men were polite and saw me as a fun guy to want to talk to. Women, extremely flirty and strong mood elevation as well as loss of personal space

Overall Thoughts

I'd been asked to do a comparison between Sex Magnet and Manimal 2 but I felt I should provide a full review of Manimal 2 before comparing the two. Even though both products appear to be sexual/attractive they also seem very different to me. I have used a full 5 ml bottle of Manimal 2 so I do feel I have an understanding of the product and how it works.

When I'm wearing this, I feel a certain swagger and I definitely feel much more upbeat and outgoing. That is saying something because I'm normally pretty outgoing. I feel more disinhibited and my libido is elevated slightly.

The few men I interacted with seemed to react well to Manimal 2. I was interacting in social situations so I cannot comment on how they would react in a more businesslike environment. I was definitely treated as being a bit more VIP but nothing like I see with certain status blends.

Where I really saw the difference in reactions was with the women I interacted with. Across ages and races, women were much more fun and flirty with me. This seems to hit younger women pretty strongly, at least in my experience. Women under 30 were giving this mid 40's guy doe eyes (yeah, I know some guys discount looks but when you know the baseline of the woman's behavior you can see that this is different). I also saw a lack of personal space (again from women I knew but also from women who didn't know me.) Women in general were standing closer than is the cultural norm where I am at.

At places that you might not necessarily expect a strong sexual product to work, I found Manimal 2 actually played to my strengths as a fun, flirty guy. In a bar/pickup situation I think this could be useful if you like to tease or be funny with the women you are looking to pick up. I'm trying to avoid making comparisons with Sex Magnet but I do believe that to be a bit more versatile than Manimal 2 in that it could probably be used more easily for day game as well as the usual pickup spots.

My bride who is the basis for most of my testing was definitely positively affected by Manimal 2. She's in her early 40's but was also strongly affected and was very funny and flirty when she was exposed to Manimal 2. Women seemed to be pretty strongly affected after only about 20 seconds of exposure. She'd compliment me and make some more sexual jokes and comments. She'd also KINO me more than usual but this was more like a slap on the butt and hands across my back. Just fun and upbeat types of KINO. Again, out of her normal character as she's normally a bit more conservative.

I found this to be pretty consistent when it came to getting sex (again, I know the baseline of my bride and how using pheromones will change that). Even though she's on the pill, I found that this was pretty affective at getting her to initiate sex but it was a more fun, flirty and silly type of engagement even as she definitely had her end goal in mind. Sex while wearing Manimal 2 is definitely fun on a bun.

Overall, I really like the fun, flirty and attractive vibe that this gives off and it does seem to have some imprinting built in, much like I've seen from just about every Apex product. Even if you wear it solely to drive the females around you crazy, I think you'll have a fun time doing so.

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If only closed minds came with closed mouths. Razz
01-30-2018 9:21 AM
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