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Mails with Garry
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Thumbs Up Mails with Garry
03-25-2010 6:24 AM

Hello pherotruth community,

i want to share parts out of some emails with Garry, because hes such an awesome guy =)
here we go:

It is not uncommon for the sprayers to not shoot a fine mist as we use higher levels of the essential oils than most companies. This give longer life to the pheromones, otherwise they evaporate too fast. You get a good blast at the start but the high alcohol carries them away to quickly.

I shoot it directly at close range right onto my forearm then rub my arms together and use my hands to distribute it where I want. Neck chest etc.

As far as Aqua vitae start with small amounts get the ball wet then start with a six inch roll. See how that goes for you. This product has a higher level androstenone and it can be aggressive.

NUDE has been used with good results by putting a line across the top of the chest right under the neck. Always start small and work up until you get the best results, then back down for as long as the results last. No need to use too much for no reason.

Are the friends that told you that you smell strange male or female? Androstenone does have a stronger smell than most pheromones. It can be offensive to some people others cannot smell it at all, and others really like it. Depending on their genetics. Low purity androstenone can have a strong urine smell.

I have noticed that black, Asian, and Hispanic women react very well to androstenone. Some white women say it stinks. (But they still will have sex with you as long as you know how to act.) That will not be 100% accurate as there are wide and varied genetics in peoples of all colors, but as a general rule it works for me.


I have never had a problem with none build up. I do believe that men who are not used to pheromones that start wearing them regularly have a hormonal response that causes them to increase testosterone and that creates more natural pheromones, that of course makes it less necessary to wear as much. Trust me you get around a lot of guys that have high testosterone to the point of being dangerous it stresses you out, and you adapt naturally by increasing testosterone so that you don't die, and before long you are just like them. I think that wearing male pheromones simulates this situation. We get one guy out of every few thousand that completely freaks out from even our most benign pheromone, they have anxiety and paranoia after applying the pheromones, and they try to wash it off. I had one guy email me from under a bed because he was suffering from extreme anxiety from the POSSESS for men pheromones. My guess is these are Omega males. We have Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Omegas are the lowest of the low socially, many times they never have sex with a woman in their entire lives.

I also think that the people who worry about overdose are too worried about what other people think. When you are a true alpha male you don't give a crap about that, and it is very attractive. You could dump a bottle of androstenone on me and I would still get laid, and I produce a ton of androstenone naturally. In every instance that a woman has told me that I stink or smell bad, I have ended up having sex with that woman, or have had her try to have sex with me. Including my brother's wife who would not allow me to sit on her furniture because she was a rich snob who said I smelled bad. I did not have sex with her but I had to flat out refuse her advances which made her very angry. This was before I understood pheromones or wore any pheromones. I have always been a clean person. It did get me wondering what was going on each time a woman would say I smelled funny. I had another woman who told me I smelled like urine. She was a total stranger. I said, "Well I guess you had better take me home and bathe me then." She said, "OK!"As my personality and confidence has grown I have not had anyone tell me I smell bad. If I apply to much androstenone to my 13 year old son he can get a bad responses but he is very worried about what people think, and he is skinny as can be.

What i have:
# Wingman BLACK, Wingman RED, Alfa Maschio, Certo, Wolf, Nude, Aqua Vitae, Possess Alpha, NPA, Xcite Wipes, SOE, SOEw
# A314, IG, Spaceland, P74, P75, P83, P86, P96, P126, TAC, TAH, TAL, MX297, MX301, MX353, Project UF Pack
# A1, EST, Meo-Est, A-Nol, B-Nol, Androstenone, Androstanone, Pregnenolone
My Wishlist:
# MX101
(This post was last modified: 03-25-2010 6:26 AM by Hyper.)
03-25-2010 6:24 AM
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