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MACA Anyone?
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RE: MACA Anyone?
11-26-2016 12:45 PM

I know this hasn't been discussed in a bit, but thought I'd comment. The Maca I buy is from Longevity Power and it most certainly states Black Maca. It's a 10x concentration.

For the cock. The best thing so far for me has been my experience with their Glow He Shou Wu. The reason I'm on here is I am about to order a new big bottle of it and wanted to see if there's anything else interesting enough to get as well.

My experience with using it on a consistent basis was very good. Two major things to note for me were:
1) amazingly significantly reduced hangover symptoms the day after a night of drinking! Kind of how you feel when you're 18 years old instead of late 40's. Not kidding. This helped significantly.
2) woke with morning wood again on a consistent basis. There was a time for a while that morning wood was a bit of a thing of the past and would only occur occasionally. After continued use of "Glow" it became rare to not wake with morning wood.

I ran out of Glow a while ago and my hangovers are there again and my good buddy morning wood only occasionally says hi again. This is why I am ordering again.

It has been claimed to turn your grey hair back to it's youthful color - I call Bullshit on this one! I shave my head, but can definitely say that when hair does grow in, I have noticed a few more grey flecks on my head as well as more in my beard. Not due to He Shou Wu, but just getting older.

I was using 1 tsp a day mostly, sometimes 2 tsp. I would also have 1 tsp of one of their other herbs or herb blends as well. Maybe the synergy helped? I am still using the other herbs/herbal blends since running out of Glow. But I am now certain that Glow at least contributed if not caused the nice effects above. I take it for 6 days a week (Sunday off) for three weeks, then take a week off. Then back at it.

I want my Glow back!
11-26-2016 12:45 PM
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