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Lucky 7 Royal (Test Review) - Male product
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Lucky 7 Royal (Test Review) - Male product
01-27-2011 5:18 AM

Product : Lucky 7 Royal

Product description : "Androstenone power, finely honed with even more masculine Androsterone control, equalling a powerful pheromone combo of strength and reliability that inspires respect and trust in you from the people in your life." (10ml bottle with dropper).

Pheromone/concentration : The small orifice Dropper Yields 45 drops per ml
8.88 mcg of Androstenone per drop at 45 drops per ml
6.66 mcg of Androsterone per drop at 45 drops per ml
15.56 mcg of combined pheromones per drop

Application : 2 drops spread between wrists and neck.
Cover scent : white musk
Setting : work environment
Outside temp : aprox 5-8 deg C
Inside temp : room temp aprox 19-22 deg C

Quick smell of the bottle and there was no noticeable odour except alcohol/ethanol type smell.
After application faint none smell (this may vary for some as I cant smell mones all that much and don't usually seem overpowering to me, with the exception of cops)

2 drops split between wrists and spread on neck, covered with white musk alcohol based perfume.

No instant effects to note.

3-5 minutes after application typical none effects "“ wider eyes, alert and ready for action. Backed with a slightly calming/collective feeling.

10-15minutes in the effects are as above along with a lot of head talk (analysing things and my brain racing with thoughts. More so than usual)
Movement seemed slower and more definite.
Slightly increase in focus at work.

1 hour in a fair deal better focus/concentration
Actually come to think of it not so much a increase in concentration but an increase in determination. (you vs the world kind of feel)
Similar to a314 spray version @ 2 sprays. This is not buffered so more raw and physically intimidating than the spray a314.

Noticed a slight increase in aggravation/irritation when things went wrong like my computer e-mail server kept playing up. More so than usual (im fairly calm most days).
Felt slightly cocky and arrogant. Occasionally has a slight smirk and uplifting feel when cracking through my work.

The effects on others were as you would expect for a dominance designed mix.

There was a bit more respect and people would not seem to question my judgement and allowed me to get on with work and whatever I needed to do.
Nobody approached me badly or had any negative looks/stares. Everyone accepted my answers. Overall a good amount of respect, however probably not much trust.
At a higher dose 3 drops this seemed to be the case. People would accept my judgement to avoid conflict. (or that was the impression I got only a couple of times tho)

Used at 1 drop seems to have the same effects for me however with slightly less intimidation. The respect is still there but people will still question your judgement.
Ramp it up to 2 drops and they seem to accept your views rather than confront you about them.

So I would say 1 drop = respect but not dominance
2 drops = respect & dominance

3+ drops no real benefits. (At least for me) None OD possibility @ 3-4 drops.

Other environment tested "“ European Martial arts class
Inside temp: aprox 20 deg C
Mid tempo work with weapons.

Teaching was much easier with this, again people would listen to what I was explaining and do what I asked of them. Although it seemed slightly more dictatorial feel to the class, would be good for using when you want to cover something that's not as interesting but you need people to feel compelled to do it.

For this purpose it is fairly useful however I probably wont use very often for this purpose.

Am yet to use this in a social environment. As its unscented it would be good as any base coat for a social or bar/club mix when used with other social mones/buffers.
01-27-2011 5:18 AM
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