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Legal Calif. pot? Some growers bummed
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RE: Legal Calif. pot? Some growers bummed
04-01-2010 11:11 AM

You can also make it through an alcoholic extraction process too. But takes a lot more time, that's what ive done in the past. It had the consistency of tar but that may have been because it wasn't screened enough and some small plant material came through.
The final product was as good as the best stuff in Amsterdam and only came from male leaves which were pointless smoking.
But you can now make much better stuff with less chemicals/alcohol with more ease. Such as isolator as I said before, which is by far the most potent stuff ive ever tried.

[/quote]PW, I know what you're talking about with the honey oil. My bro was telling me about it. At one clinic he's gone to, they have honey bud. It's premium bud dipped in honey oil. He had one bowl of that and was "retarded for hours."
Quote:That sounds like some awesome stuff, humm maybe something to try when I go to Dam next month,? dont mind geting a bit retarded on holiday Mrgreen

[quote]that must have been the effects of the bud LOL... usually Honey Oil.. back in the day anyway... made you clear and quite alert.

It definatley gives you a clearer high, but again the effects may be based on what tye it is Indica or Sativa, most medicinal stuff is Indica or a hybrid Ind/Sat. Indicas make you stone sleepy due to the high CBD count and offer the best relief for pain. When you extract the CBD's get taken into the mix too. So may depend on the plant.

or again as you say the oil and bud could have been different types. :good3:
04-01-2010 11:11 AM
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