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I ran the opposite direction
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I ran the opposite direction
05-04-2010 1:39 PM

Instant sexiness and tah is not available in androtics right now unfortunately... and I usually don't like writing reports on what is not available to people yet, but today it was a bit funny so I have to share it!

So today, I got all prettied up to go see TG in the afternoon.

I wore:

Instant sexiness (3 sprays)
1 swipe of Scent of Eros (roll on I guess you could say 6 inches on each arm)
1 spray of tah (@ 25 mcg)
3 sprays of p74 (@10mcg)

So I let it dry down and I covered it up with lolita lempicka. I know, I've been wearing a lot of commercial products lately, I don't know when it comes to perfumes I never stick to one thing, I jump from one thing to another all the time.

Self effects: Felt a little upbeat... nothing else but then I hardly get self effects.

Environment: Pretty warm outside and I was super warm in the leather jacket. I don't know why I wore it! lol


I had to go for this summer class so I took the bus. Crowding effect galore. People were sitting near me, standing near me, and I got a few looks from both men and women. Enough said, I don't want to sound like I'm bragging but it's true! lol That's what I liked about androtics' products, people want to be near you like bees to honey.

I get to class, while teacher was explaining stuff she was looking at me a lot (it made me so self conscious lol cause that means I can't sleep *sigh* grammar class is so damn boring), when she made a comment she would look at me... I felt like I had to nod LOL! When I nodded in agreement to what she said she would then continue to lecture lol It kept going on for 2 hours!!!

So class is over, I decide to go to another university to pick up some documents, when I asked random strangers for directions people were all smiles. No joke, it was like an ear to ear smile LOL it kind of made me smile for nothing too haha

So I end up going to another college *phiou* to see my TG. He's in his office, working on this machine for a student and when he saw me the first thing he says is "Aw god not you" and he looks at me like he hasn't seen me before lol Evil Grrrrr I'm telling you, this man is such a wiener! I think he likes me (or atleast I hope I'm right Undecided ) but he never shows it or says anything nice! So I'm like hmph, well fine! So left my school bag in his office and went to see my other friends around, people are just pleasantly nice. Lots of hugs and from my friends it was so sweet!!!

I'm done seeing my friends, and I go back to his office, Mr.Voldemort is there lol. I say hi to him and he starts going a little crazy lol. He tells me that he's been rumoring that I spent "time" with him (if you know what I mean) and I was like "WHAT?!!? are you serious?" and he looks at me and goes "Yea! c'mon don't you remember what happened last time with the doors locked?" I so did not remember that LOL he was joking but it drove me nuts. He has such a wild imagination. Mind you the man is happily married, loves his wife, has 2 kids around my age. But JESUS what?!?!?!? LOL must have been the mones.

So I'm trying to look at my TG listening to all this, he's just fixing another students' problem with that grin on his face *sigh* (not a good place and time to meet) and I'm there trying to tell Mr.Voldemort that I don't like him that way and it's like they're trying to get something out of me. But I'm like oh my gawd, I got to leave I'm late (for another event)... So basically me and TG didn't communicate Evil

Funny, how I got all these wonderful reactions from everybody except him. Shoot me.
(This post was last modified: 05-04-2010 1:42 PM by esmeralda.)
05-04-2010 1:39 PM
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