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I met a Tisha look-a-like (Good Lord!)
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Shocked I met a Tisha look-a-like (Good Lord!)
06-02-2010 9:52 PM

Okay I guess I might as well tell you what I used before I go on with my story.

I used:

2 sprays of Alpha Androstenol (30mcg)
3 sprays of instant shine x 5 cops can be used also as instant shine with some drops of Essence of Woman
A few drops of Vavoom mix by Tisha
I made a long time ago (I really wish I could tell a replacement for this but I wish I knew... can someone help? lol)

Self effects: I felt pretty!!! Oh my god, this is a miracle! lol


- My mom/dad/sister were yelling that I stank LOL! Yea, I got in so much trouble, they were covering their noses/mouthes and everything lol! It didn't smell that bad to me Big Grin

- Got on the bus, didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. A guy sat one seat away from me and started playing with the chair beside me Confused weird, but I just think that he's naturally weird Smile

- I went to this vernissage at my old school today. I met my old friends (a lot of them) and hugs and greeting kisses come from all sides. It was soooo nice. Funny, people were really really touchy in an affectionate way.

- Finally, voldemort wanted to introduce his wife to me (aww) lol, I nagged him with so much questions about her and he was like "you're meeting her TODAY! and then get lost" lol So he grabs me by the arm and drags me outside - "TG" and his wife is outside having a smoke. I say my hello and greeting kisses. And then "TG" wants me to show the tattoo I got Blush And I didn't want to show it (cause I have ugly ass feet lol) Anyhow, this is when the Tisha-look-a-like steps in. She says "Girl, if you don't want to show it don't! Don't let anybody pressure you!" that's when I saw the Tisha in her!

At first when I saw her I was just my nice polite self, but man this woman just grabbed me by the arm, made me sit beside her and her friend and started chatting away with me! I think she told me that I was beautiful, smart and powerful like 10 times while staring at my eyes intensely. When I looked elsewhere she would be like "You need to look at my eyes when you speak with me or anyone!" gawd, and I'm not used to that... you like Alpha women? You got to check her out! lol. Believe me, I'm not kidding nor exaggerating... and I'm not a bragger and nor do I think I'm stunning... the Pheromones must have hit her. She was super nice. Anyways, she started telling me advice about life, relationships, sex... Eek it's the first time she saw me! I wasn't weirded out a bit though. I was like HOLY CRAP... trying to digest what's she's saying and on the other hand seeing Tisha in her. Now I love Tisha, but guys I'm not a stalker... I just connect to some people easily.

I think I got hugged like 6 times and kissed on the cheek like 4 or 5 times from her! Holy shit! I'm not bragging. I just kept seeing her as Tisha... she looks exactly like our Queen Bee... the only difference is that she's got husky blue eyes and she's an empath (probably doesn't know it though)... Freaky eh?

Meh after that I had some guys just stare and blah, but I didn't observe any reactions from people after I met this woman. Okay well... I did notice some interest from "TG" who is not TG anymore... but I think I'm going to let him go back in the pond...

Anyhoo, *phiou*. What a day. Today is the day where my Pheromones were actually useful - for once.
(This post was last modified: 06-02-2010 10:01 PM by esmeralda.)
06-02-2010 9:52 PM
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