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"I did want to f*ck you in some weird way" or Glace, Aqua Vitae, New Pheromone Additive
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Getting comfortable

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"I did want to f*ck you in some weird way" or Glace, Aqua Vitae, New Pheromone Additive
03-01-2012 6:48 AM

This is from my journal, but I thought it might be useful for people who are debating if they should try pheromones or not.

All right, sometimes something just jumps out and smacks you. Earlier today that happened. Here is the whole story:

I met a girl online maybe two days, texting flirting and some chatting back and forth since then. Everything was quite positive. This is not usual based on past experience online, most of the girls I meet there come across as either stupid, unattractive / plain or uninteresting. *shrugs* I am a bit picky with women; I may have high standards yet I expect them nonetheless. On a number of occasions I have been quite tempted, but have held to my beliefs even in the face of some rather tempting offers. It seems I've gone off on a bit of a tangent so I will head back to the story.

With all of these positive signs I had planed to wait another day before asking her for coffee or lunch or something, yet on the third day of talking she jokingly asked about when she would finally get to meet me. The whole thing had proceeded rather rapidly, phone number was gotten within two hours of talking to her, she asked for name in the first few minutes (I don't list it from prior experiences with crazy women) later she asked for my last name and wanted to add me on facebook. I explained that I don't give out my last name until I get to know someone, a bit too personal and that I keep my facebook for closer friends. Looking back these are fairly strong interest indicators from her and I did quite a nice job of displaying high value.

So with this girl so eager to meet me I mention that I would normally ask her to have coffee as coffee shops are a nice place to talk, saying that if the weather was nicer a walk through the park / hike would have been nice. I don't exactly remember what we said next, but the plan was decided. We would get a pizza from a new restaurant, go back to her apartment to eat and talk, as the pizza place can be rather noisy. She also suggested that we might have to drink some whiskey, her alcoholic beverage of choice.

Yes it is obvious that this girl is into me. I realize this. All the more reason to play things coolly as I am not just looking for a girl to screw. Eh and a part of me likes knowing this and turning up the heat on her. Diablo Yeahhh, I can be a bit evil.

We talked yesterday evening and then a bit later / early morning. As is evident by the fact that I am sitting here writing this at 4 am I have recently been having a bit of a hard time getting to sleep. So while talking she asked about when my classes ended the next day and then asked said, "If you really want to meet me we could do that tomorrow" and then said something about cheap pizza on Wednesday. I countered with "you must really want to meet me as well if you are talking about moving up from Saturday" to which she replied "I am intrigued and Saturday is a ways off lol" So we decided to have the same basic plan, pick her up go get pizza and then back to her place.

From my reading on here and given this girl is rather sexual I decided on a blend of 2.5 drops of AV 3 sprays of glace (unshaken as I seem to always forget) and 1 spray of true love. The AV was one drop split between the wrists, one across the neck base and the half split behind the eats and down the side of the neck. Glace was one shot to the hand that was then rubbed all over the forearm and the one spray rubbed at the upper chest low neck area. True Love was on the upper side of the wrist. Side note, the true spray bottles seem to just SPRAY liquid everywhere and in great amounts. Way more than the Androtics bottles or the Alpha Dream bottles. Oh and given my penchant for evil and what I know of this girl I stuck the bottle of New Pheromone Additive in my pocket, planning to apply a drop sometime after we met.

After reading Chris's thread on Glace and realizing that it had a certain temperature that it worked quite well at I changed my usual habit of keeping my car at 62ish to 69 degrees (reason behind the madness, studies have shown that 69 degrees is the temp to set your house at if you are selling, it is statistically most likely to be neither too hot nor too cold for a wide range of people) I found 69 to be warm for me, but I left it there. I arrived on time, parked and gave her a call; she said that she would be out in a moment. She came out, and called me not seeing my car, which gave me an excuse to get out of the car and greet her with a hug. I've always been a fan of hugs and even more so when it helps to get someone that much close to my application points. Driving to the pizza place the conversation seemed normal, although if I had to guess she might have been ever so slightly nervous. Conversation was nice while waiting for the pizza, we sat down after ordering and there was some normal talking a bit of flirting. After a bit she checked on the pizza and brought it back to the table, with some plates and napkins, commenting on the noise as she sat down. I suggested we head back to her place as it was rather noisy, she agreed and we left.

On the drive back I think the Glace really hit her as she told me how she has a fake ID can drink like a guy oh and the kicker would be that when at a party with some friends she was listening to a song while drunkish / drunk and exclaimed to everyone that "this is the sort of song you fuck a dad/ your dad to" I cant remember which one she said. She quickly explained this want how she meant it, not her dad, but some dad you pick up to have sex with... I called her on this saying something about her having experience with this? She also mentioned something about not knowing why she told me that.

Starting to get the feeling that this girl is a little odd? Yeah she is, not exactly in the best way, but I'm already on the date so I don't plan on doing anything, but I still want to move ahead with the plan. We eat talk and then she ask what I want to do, I make a face that I cant exactly describe, but it involves tilting my head just slightly and I feel it is slightly suggestive in a what do you think sort of way. I say something about her being the host and ask what she would be normally doing which is watching something on netflicks. A few more minutes of conversation and I suggest that we do just that. We instead of using her xbox or bringing the laptop into the room she invites me to watch in her room on her bed. I ask to use the restroom and apply 1 dab (flip the bottle and then apply to neck) and then touch the top of the bottle and the application point again. Less than 1.5 drops slightly more than 1. I wash my hands and then come back out and sit in bed next to her. I leaned back against the wall, propping up with a pillow and tapped her shoulder, saying "I still want to see those sometime" she starts to react poorly for a half second and realizes I was talking about her tattoo not her breasts.

Over the next 45 minutes I notice her breathing deeply, some playing with her hair some positional shifts, though crossed arms seemed like closed off body language. I don't remember what or why she paused the video and said fine and moves forward. She then begins to undo her shirt while saying what I had said earlier "I still want to see those sometime" two maybe three times jokingly, becoming more exaggerated sometime. She had a cammy type thing and bra underneath and first showed me the one on her arm, I leaned in looked at it, asking her what she wanted touched up on it. I touched her arm as I asked this, she then showed me the one on her shoulder, which is much better and rather artistic, it has some Spanish written on it and I asked her what is said, tracing the lettering with my fingers as she said their meaning, my hand touched her back a few more times over the course of the conversation and ran across her arm once. A little bit more talking and she put on a t-shirt and she tossed me out. No, not like that, she had told her roommate she would meet them to go studying earlier and was already a half hour past the time she had mentioned. She walked me to the door we hugged, I said goodbye and left.

Cue 1:43 am I happen to see her online. Actually I had seen her come online earlier, but was busy writing a message to another girl so I did not get to her for a bit. I ask her how the studying went she said that it went well, yet that she was tired. I joked about my timing and she said she hoped I had a good time and made a point of saying she was sorry for kicking me out. I said "You shouldn't be too sorry, you had things to do" saying that I had a nice time before she said "Yeah sadly... Although I did want to fuck you in some weird way."

There we go folks, a classic New Pheromone Additive reaction from what I have read on the forums. Of course being the (inquisitive asshole) researcher I am I asked her about this. What follows are some quotes. I do love technological revolution, for it has allowed me to give you exactly what she said as opposed to what I happen to recall. Ah yes back to the story, she told me "When you were touching my tattoos I got these chills." "I was aroused by the feeling of your fingers running over my skin." At this point I mention that she did seem rather quiet after I touched her and she replies, "I think I was just aroused and trying to ignore it. When I just wanted to jump you. I felt the sexual chemistry when we were in bed." Hmm, coincidence that this occurred right after application of New Pheromone Additive? I have to say doubtful... I mention that she was rather good at hiding it "I guess I just kept it inside. When you touched me though... I felt it. Strongly."

At this point I have a giant grin on my face and I say something about us having a good reason to sit in her bed again, she agrees and then says, "I am so horny. I need Sex. So bad right now." to which I reply "You good, you had me in your bed and tossed me out of it." and she tells me "It's killing me now. I am trembling" "I don't know what it was. Just when you touched me I wanted you. I felt good. I wanted you. I wanted you to dominate me entirely." At this point I joke that she should have let me know earlier and she replies "I guess its really hitting me now. Alone and dark in my bed" "I wish you were here to conquer me."

We talk for a few more minutes before she vanishes, passed out I am assuming. The highlights are as follows. "i just need to get fucked... into oblivion." "i need to be broken down by a man and built back up." "I want to be taken by a man... entered and controlled physically. to feel like i am clay in their hands, to be molded in any way they want. to lose myself in the moment, in the feeling of being taken and broken by them. to become someone else... that's how it feels." and "I want that.... so much. I want to be used."

Gentlemen, it is clear that this woman was sexual from the start, but I do not attribute all of this to her proclivities. As evidence by her reactions over the course of the evening, I believe the one two punch of social sexual with a hard hitting sexual later in the game is quite capable. Anything that helps a woman to get chills when I touch her, cause her to want to jump me and have me dominate her entirely seems like a quite decent product. I don't really know what to say except if there was even a shred of doubt in my mind about the ability of pheromones, this experience would have unequivocally destroyed it. If anyone reading this happens to be on the fence about these products buy a few and test them out, I may not be able to guarantee it, but I believe that without a shadow of a doubt you will not be disappointed.

Just realized I spent nearly 3 hours writing this... I really need to get a better sleep schedule!

Journal: My journey of growth with a little fun mixed in
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03-01-2012 6:48 AM
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why pretend when you have science

Joined: Oct 2011
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RE: "I did want to f*ck you in some weird way" or Glace, Aqua Vitae, New Pheromone Additive
03-01-2012 6:52 AM

Yes, IDK set a new standard for post entries, I think we're going to need to put a must be 18 years or older tag on the forum for new members hehe

My Pheromone Arsenal:

Liquid Alchemy Labs: Asian, Aqua Vitae, Hypnotica Social, Nude, Overdose, Possess, Wolf

True Pheromones: TI, XXX, True Essence, A-1, Androstatrione
03-01-2012 6:52 AM
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