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Checking out the place

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06-14-2019 11:08 PM

I remember when I first found this site when I was 20, tried a bunch of products from lal, phero treasures, alpha dream, xs. The one that I found to work as sorcery for me was L2K v1 from alpha dream. I am very natural with women being raised by them. But L2K literally Gave me the confidence to hit up this amazingly hot blonde church girl, after 3rd date told me to move in with her. Conceived our daughter a few months later. Only to find out she had BAD abusive history with her mom, wayy too much exposure to sex, very bad dissociation disorder, cheating disorder, lying disorder. She lied to the cops then dissapeared into another state. After more lying and 2 years of me fighting it the judge sent me to jail for 45 days, and dropped everything. DA was going for 2 years..just got out few months ago.

These pheromones shot me into a world I did not need to be in lol... I feel so bad for my daughter. I suppose it's my mistake for not waiting for her abusive history to come out. She seemed so put together. She was begging me to try and impregnate her after smelling my neck. 3-4 times a day once full exposure was acheived.. it was heaven on earth.

Anyways I found another girl in Texas which is where I'm going for school in a month. I have played heavy game on the texting and is responding well. Wayyy prettier than my baby momma. SO HOT. But so pure.. I dont understand it yet.

Trying to find what is the best 5 years later for getting this 22 year old i found primed for marriage, hardcore church girl, perfect childhood, no abuse this time Haha. She passed my enhanced mental screening As far as I know.. maybe I'll use L2K again haha.

Y'all have a good day or night
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06-14-2019 11:08 PM
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