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How Pago finally went GAY / how i finally found some new sites of me
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Mones changed my life

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Rainbow How Pago finally went GAY / how i finally found some new sites of me
01-19-2012 2:25 PM

Alright ...

i'd like to call this the GAYLORD project !

This post is dealing with L Uomo Amore used by straight guy's to make more male friends ...

the idea behind this is ...

that i'm pretty good with women but not that good with guy's ( no no .. not what you're thinking )

it means basically ..when i go out .. it's easy for me to meet some girls ..and i'm doing pretty good with girls ..

but my buddy buddy style lacks a bit .. and that's what made me searching for a solution !

I see it all in PU - context ..

if you know many guy's .. then you get a lot of social proof .. and you'll meet many women easily because you know the guy's first .. get it ..??

As well if you're good with many guy's you will never ever have problems when you go out with guy's ( some get pissed when you talk to the girls they try to get but cant )

The idea is ... how to become the most popular guy
Sarcastic blum

I'm not the type of person who suffers from inbox thinking and reading from time to time over at AD about straight guy's using their not longer sold product "Mystery Boy" as a good social product made me check what kinda products other vendors have in that context ..

Well i discussed the topic with JohnnyHard who lives in the German Capital ..what is know for the innumerous gay ones who live there ( even the gouverning Mayor is gay )

we've discussed what kinda goals must a product what works for gay guy's fullfill ...

it has to be social ... it has to be friendly .. it has to be a product with what on each guy likes you ... but first it has to be social ..

it must be the kinda product that you can apply first .. make some friends at a club ..and later add some other product to steer it into a more sexual way .. to pull in the women ..

as well it has to have good attraction qualities on women too ... much not that extreme like other hard hitters ..

Considering what's in L Uomo Amore it should work this way

Beta-Androstadienol .... ( only from what i've read about .. fun molecule that works good on males and light sexual on females .. male equivalent to Androstadienone )

DHEAS .... very social product that reduces rejection and is mood elevating

A-none ... very good one on females pretty good social on guy's

None ... sexual attractant ... in small doses social .

looks like a winner ... it is .. but more soon ..

I've ordered 2 bottles of that stuff and this week it arrived ..

had to pick it up at the customs .. and the bottle for JohnnyHard had leaked and what was outside on the bottle i smeared on my neck and onto my forearms .. (smells good in sandalwood )

the guy's at the customs office were overfriendly .. in really good mood .. cheerful ... and the women who worked there seemed to be attracted because of the stuff as well ..

one guy in it's 60 who checked what i had to pay did even come back and sniffed the carton Eek


on Tuesday i went to the Gym and put on 4 Sprays of the stuff.....

must have been a bit much because i was hit by the self effects .. holy crap ... Music sounds very nice with that stuff on and i felt pretty energized .. lot's of mones in it

when i entered the gym i bought my Iso drink and went to the Crosstrainers who are located at the Gallery ...

met a guy that i havent met for half a year and he was waaaayyy more than normal talkative and we joked around quite much ...

i've trained half an hour on the Crosser and there was nothing very special ..

the Butcher ( the guy i met ) came back and talked to a nice girl who was 6 Crossers away ...

talked to her easily ..and we made a lot of jokes ... ( L Uomo Amore needs something that gives it a bit more status ) .. no shittests from the girl .. and later when they left the Gym ( she and a guy i did not know .. but who was surely not her Boyfriend ) she came over and said bye ... where i was chilling at the bar section ... that's what i call a hit ..

very good social effects from guy's like expected .. good hits from women . but not like with my other Gym hard hitters ... i think i'm onto something


Today i've applied 2 sprays to the neck and rubbed it in .. ( have choosen some fruity scent. but it smells good ) and went to the post office

the guy who served me was very very helpful and he seemed to be charmed by the stuff ... ( AAAHHHH )

later i met a few friends ( male and female ) and i found the stuff to be good working on the guy's at first but later it had lost it's cool social factor ...

will try with one spray on another occasions ... and will reapp from time to time

Guy's come on ... let's take a walk on the wilde sides ...


Only Ladies welcome ... LadyBoys stay away !
01-19-2012 2:25 PM
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How Pago finally went GAY / how i finally found some new sites of me - Pagodeiro - 01-19-2012 2:25 PM

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