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Greetings from the Cascade Mountains...
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Man, I don't know...

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Greetings from the Cascade Mountains...
05-04-2012 8:47 AM

Hey All,

I am a 47 y/o man living in the beauiful Cascade Corridor in north-western Washington State. A disabled veteran, I own and operate a private security firm, and though this business operates "behind the curtain" as it were it is nonetheless highly competitive and both the acquisition and retention of long-term contracts depend in large measure on first impressions and interpersonal dynamics. Almost all of our staff, from the sales team to individual field operators, are ex-military where the vast majority of them, including myself, were out on the "sharp edge," and therefore our training and collective work experience tends to be long on aggression and short on sensitivity. In order to be competitive we have taken great strides to retrain our staff to deal more effectively with a civilian clientele, many of whom are performers and artists who require, shall we say, a "delicate" hand at times. I am pleased to say that I feel confident that my people are as courteous and professional as any in the business and more so than most, if I do say so myelf. However, I am always looking for an edge. The very nature of this business dictates that our clients are often spending protracted periods of time in very close proximity to our operators, whose very imperative requires them to make the client's safety their personal responsibility and, if necessary, to physically defend the client by sheilding them with their own body. You cannot perform this function at a distance. We literally have an "arm's length" rule in many situations wherein the operator is at no time to be greater than an arm's length from the client; this in order that they are "grabbable" at a instant's notice. So, in the case of a high-value/priority client, this can mean being within 3 feet of one another for periods up to 20-30 hours at a time. During these intervals it is imperative that the client feel safe and secure and that they trust the operator(s) implicitly, and so I was particulalry interested when I read that there were certain pheromones, or combinations of pheromones, that can actaully engender this kind of feeling in people. THAT, my friends, is the name of the game in this business. You can escort the client around in a column of Bradly Fighting Vehicles, all bristling with belt-fed heavy machine guns, but if they don't feel safe it is all for naught; they will take their business elsewhere, nevermind that we did our job and they are stiff alive. As a matter of fact the field is full of struggling firms whose people - many of whom I personally know to be some of the very best in the business - are still "projecting" force and aggression as they were trained to do in combat. This in the mistaken belief that the client wants to see big, mean, warrior-types surrounding them. One competitor does his door-to-doors in black Hummers exclusively. In our experience this is a mistake. Our clients want us to look like nobodies, but then be able to transform into Rambo if/when they moment comes. They want someone they can talk to since they're going to be sitting next them on the airplane for the next 13 hours. Some, though this is not often spoken of aloud in my circle, even want to flirt and play and therefore want someone suitable. I can't tell you how many times "cute," and "hot" shows up in client preference forms. (we actually added "attractive" to our checkbox list as they were simply writing it in anyway)

How I came to be here was this: I was recently perusing a copy of Science News and Review, a peer-reviewed journal showcasing cutting edge science and technology, and ran across an article on pheromone therapies being utilized in animal/livestock husbandry with a sidebar on human pheromone therapy. So I began chasing down more data and eventually ended finding pheromone forums, and among those this one seemed particularly legitimate. I have no time for hype or fantasy, and this form appears to take a more empirical stand (actually this and one other) than the competitors. So here I am!

I am VERY interested in any advantages that pheromones might garner my business, and as a recently divorced man (after 26 years of marriage and 5 children) who is new to the dating scene again - only this time around I'm pushing 50 (and disabled, though I am still ambulatory) and therefore seemingly invisible to attractive women ;-) - I am also interested in learning whatever potential advantages might be realized in my personal life as well. And then there's the fact that I also simply find this subject fascinating and am eager to undertsand it better.

Having said all that I must also make clear that I know jack-squat about this subject. It seems a little pie-in-the-sky honestly, but I assure you all I approach with an open mind and a sincere desire to believe.

Ok, well I've waxed on about myself long enough so I guess I'll stop here. I look forward to meeting all of you and learing from you.

05-04-2012 8:47 AM
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