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Greetings Pherotruth!
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Cognatus Sapiunt
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RE: Greetings Pherotruth!
04-01-2012 10:38 AM

(03-31-2012 5:54 PM)wiserd Wrote:  1. "Instant Shine?" The "instant" line are all androtics. The scent was a type of neroli that doesn't seem to be publicly available. They're one of the larger players. Most people here are former customers of theirs, put off by either the price or the fact that they'd change their mixes without telling people and generally weren't open about their mixes with their community. They also had a recent, large, price hike. If the product was "Instant Shine" that's suspected to be some kind of androstadienol.

2. If you want to attract intelligent women, you'll certainly do well with the socials. alpha-androsterone is good for increasing the 'volume' of conversation. beta-androsterone is supposed to be good for increasing its 'depth.' AndrostAnol is supposed to be good for creating interest, particularly visually but it may work in other ways. I think Chris of Alpha-Dream is likely to have a new form of androstanol out in a month or two.

3. I'd make sure to use some kind of androstadienol or androstadienone to decrease physical distance.

4. There are a few "alpha" mones that people usually use. You may not need them for your purposes, and will probably do better with smaller doses. They need to be buffered or they'll kill the conversation or drive people away in fear. ;-) They also tend to need a cover scent.

AndrostAnone is a friendly type of muscularity.
Androsterone is a sort of 'high status' vibe which encourages jealousy.

I think you'll do well with just one or two micrograms of those.

Most of the pickup-artists love some small quantity of androstenone, but that may be more intimidating and sexually aggressive than you want early in a relationship. Be careful with it because it's probably the easiest mone to overdose on.

Other people will have their opinions on particular products, but I think it makes the most sense to come to understand this topic in terms of the relevant molecules.

Thank you for the very in-depth post. I will gladly add this information to my notes and try these scents the next time I go out. Understanding the chemistry and the molecular science of the subject gives you an understanding that is necessary to achieve maximum results.
04-01-2012 10:38 AM
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