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Good androstadienone?
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RE: Good androstadienone?
10-31-2014 8:27 PM

(10-28-2014 3:20 PM)Islandfun21 Wrote:  I was curious about spray vs oil die none so Ill wait until someone answers that and search for an answer in other threads.

I asked this question to a vet on the Androtics forum a few days ago:

mobocaster Wrote:If its reasonably cool and you are not working-up a sweat then Androstadienone will last in line with most other spray mones. Its where the temp changes/varies that Androstadienone 's tendency to sudden breakdown can appear - and there is no timescale for that. It can go quite suddenly, 30-45mins after (say) going from outdoors into a warm club. A wash and re-application is all you can do here, which is why its best to keep your Androstadienone to a different app point to all other mones.

Clean skin, pref barriered will help but its still not nearly as resilient as oils. You can expect a good 8-10 hrs from an oil mix.

Yes, I'd say to go for Androstadienone in oil every time. It just suits it so well. Smile

Also what I mean by my Cohesion was only meant for the girls who didn't show signs for Cohesion, showed major signs to just straight Androstadienone .
And actually seemed vice versa for those who did show signs for Cohesion, showed little bit less for straight Androstadienone . Mainly the older women & more aggressive women. Like I said probably due to the lack of sexual appeal in straight Androstadienone that caused this.

(10-28-2014 9:47 AM)moe Wrote:  When you say that they never responded to cohesion, are you comparing your dienone with Cohesion at same number of sprays ?
Could it be that you need more sprays of cohesion so you get the same amount of dienone up their noses?
That could be true I suppose, I never dose too high at work to think that, maybe I'll try that out. I do have CrushXS, which is Cohesion w/o the male buffer molecule (forget what it is). And Packs Twice the mone content as well.
Wore 3 sprays of the 25mcg/spray Androstadienone (75mcg) over a course of a few days, the effects were obvious. First day I might of worn just 50mcg, and was enough to snag a few subtle effects I noticed, but the next day was a whole new ball field as was the subsequent days. I was running mainly the Cohesion Oil before to compare, then got the spray version soon after. TBH, I didn't notice much difference from the spray around co-workers I've already hit with my mones. Wearing usually around 2 sprays vs. my oil at usually 2-3drops.

Running 3 (+/- 1 refresh) sprays daily of straight Androstadienone from a 10ml bottle goes by so fast haha. Think I only had enough for a near month before drying it. Thats why Im thinking of getting the 30ml spray bottle for <40$ or the 10ml oil 20mcg for the above price. I know the Oil would last me probably most of a years worth. I mean I have my Cohesion Oil only 1/2way done since it being a year old now.
(This post was last modified: 10-31-2014 8:42 PM by XyzN.)
10-31-2014 8:27 PM
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