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Getting Laid!
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Getting Laid!
04-26-2012 12:32 AM

So my bottle of Laid shampoo is almost out and I figured I'd write a review. I can't be too specific about what happened when since I've used it for about two and a half weeks, but here's my opinion on the product.

First and foremost:
1-I used laid during the weekdays in day time settings (mostly class at the university). By the end of the week I probably had developed some build up.
2-I used the shampoo/bodywash only as shampoo because frankly I like it too much on my hair and had too little of it to use much of it on my body. Each time I used about a dime size amount.
3-I use the Laid hair paste every time I wash my hair with Laid (also about a dime size amount)
4-All in all, I've worn Laid two and a half weeks.

Non-Pheromone effects:
I don't like to hype a product too much, but I'm serious when I say that the combination of laid pheromone shampoo and hair paste is amazing. In fact, the hair paste is my new absolutely favorite product to put on my hair.
It is non-greasy and leaves my hair looking great and exactly in its place without giving it a gel look (the crunchy, hard hair look) or making it look like my hair is always wet. It just simply makes it look great. It tames my hair (I have short curls, but they can get completely out of hand when I don't take care of them) and it actually helps it look combed and neat absolutely all day. I would wear Laid every day even if it had no pheromones at all.

Also even with as little as I use of the shampoo, it gives absolutely excellent lather. Even though I don't use it as a body wash, my hair lathers so much I figured I wouldn't waste the bubbles and use that to lather my neck and chest.

Last, it smells great. It is not a ground breaking scent, but it is manly and exactly what you want out of a shampoo. It isn't so strong that you can't wear your own fragrance, but if you choose to go without fragrance girls will still be able to smell scent coming from you. The paste has the same scent, but definitely has a different feel to it probably due to the paste itself. It smells better than all my other hair pastes though which is great, because the other paste I normally use that works well on my hair smells bad in my opinion and gets on my nerves. Laid paste smells fresh, but also has a nice manly cologne hint to it. However, even guys that don't like lots of scents won't have a problem wearing it since it isn't in your face at all. I'd say it's Acqua Di Gio type, but it doesn't smell like a copy of it, it has it's own identity.

Pheromone Effects:
Laid has become my go to product to wear to school. At first I wore it every week day just to test it, now I wear it as my first choice.
Before I wore it I asked if Laid was a social or sexual mix and I was told by its creator it was definitely an aggressive sexual mix. Well I don't have experience wearing it outside of school, but I don't think that it is aggressively sexual. I would say that the mix in Laid is the definition of an attraction product. It has attractive and sexual qualities, but it isn't sexual yet. Many will be happy to know it is absolutely work safe and that I noticed absolutely no ill effects on either girls or guys. Guys are chatty and treat you great. There isn't any intimidation, but there is maybe a hint of respect. However, not enough respect that people won't joke around with you as I have noticed that every time I wear Laid, both guys and girls joke around and have fun a lot more than days I don't.

Since I started wearing Laid, I have noticed that my relationships with my class friends have grown. One of my classes is quite large and has mostly girls in it and a few guys scattered around which is the reason I befriended a group of 5 girls about two months ago. Time is definitely the major reason I am now great friends with them, but I feel since I started wearing Laid around them it was as if I stepped on the gas pedal. Kino escalated immediately, and their comfort levels with me sky rocketed. In fact, even though they still shit test me like before, it is not only less frequent, but in a different manner, without a mean streak behind it haha.

Back to Kino: I've actually gotten so much Kino from one of them, that I'm starting to get a little nervous she might have a crush on me (she's about a 7 and I would rather get Kino from the 8.5). The 8.5 has a boyfriend, but she gives me great kino as well when we're alone and I've seen attraction from her before. However, she seems to really be into her bf, so I don't think that's going anywhere.
When I wear Laid I feel like I have an attractive vibe and I get a lot more IOI's and looks from girls. Interactions seem to go smoother, and I feel that even though it isn't an alpha product, the attractive vibe I can clearly see girls get from me gives me confidence and make me feel more alpha. Also when I first apply it I get great self effects from it that make me feel awesome and awake, something I find quite interesting since most pheromones don't give me any self effects at all.

Individual Stories
I've semi cold apporached two 9's that have class right after me. I say semi cold-approach because even though I had never talked to them before, we're in the same program and they've seen me before. I might have said one or two things to them the whole semester before I actually started talking to them, but they were pretty much strangers.
One of the 9's has a bf and is extremely shy. I had tried to open her before once early in the year and she was shy and to the point so it was a failed opening. I decided this time I would make conversation no matter what and that Laid would help me; I did, she laughed, smiled, and the door to flirting with her was opened. Since she is so shy, some days she will only say hi, others I will talk to her and she will smile and give IOI's, but it might be a slower process, but now I feel like I have a real shot unlike before and unlike most guys in my school who have not been able to shave off the ice layer that she puts up (it's actually just shyness not ice) I have now opened a door to begin escalating.

The second nine (more like a 9.5) I also met by going up to her and now have a friendly relationship after talking to her only for a short amount of time two or three times. She is extremely hot and most guys I think don't even bother with her because she seems like one of those girls you admire from a distance, but most guys think they probably couldn't get. She gives me IOI's and today she gave me kino when we were talking, unfortuanately we were interupted and I didn't ask her out. I need to switch the focus from school and get her to talk about sexier topics, though or I'm afraid if I wait any longer the relationship is going to go the way most relationship between med students go. Med students spend a lot of time together and are always dealing with stress, school, and medical topics. Even relationships that start with attraction quickly die out because of this. Too much contact and too much seriousness will kill even the strongest sexual tension.

All in all it might seem like not much has happened, but again, it is as if when I started wearing laid I stepped on the gas and all my relationships progressed in a matter of two weeks more than they had in months. I've also gotten Laid wearing Laid once, but it was with a girl I've already hooked up with so I can't count is as a hit. I've noticed way more IOI's in the every day setting than on any day I don't wear it, and it honestly feels like a better day time attractive product than most I have (and I have a lot). Honestly, I can't see myself not having it haha so I'm going to order more in a week when my sample is done. Maybe when I have more of it I'll give it a spin in bar settings, but something tells me this isn't the place Laid will shine. However, I'm extremely curious to see how it might mix with other pheromone products!
04-26-2012 12:32 AM
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