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RE: Fallout
05-21-2017 10:38 PM

(05-21-2017 10:34 PM)Ekscentra Wrote:  No, a crush is not the same as fallout. Fallout is of a different nature than a crush, and includes individuals being perceived as high status. It's more lasting and powerful than simple infatuation, and it's a bit confusing when users conflate fallout with any form of imprinting, no matter how mild. Paradox has done an excellent job explaining this effect, and you can find other explanations earlier in this thread. Here's a quote from K-Train describing fallout years ago.

Ah. Am with ya.

Please disregard the crush thread. Sorry.

[Image: OcBrrQql.jpg]
05-21-2017 10:38 PM
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RE: Fallout
05-22-2017 6:21 PM

Based on my limited experiences, I seen two type of fallout effects:

Type 1:
Before pheromones: Person is a closed individual, or person has no clear opinion about you yet, or person is friendly, or person is a relative or acquaintance that has any of the above traits
Effect: Fallout would be usually infatuation and the person would try to contact, text, or try to hang out with you. They would also be excited to see you the next time. Depending on the person, Type 1 can be categorized into different subcategories.

Type 2:
Before pheromones: Person hates you, person dislikes you, person find you strange/weird, person has negative thoughts about you, person who is an acquaintance that has any of the above traits
Effect: Fallout would be that the person would respect you and recondition their behavior from before. Although they won't try to contact you as much as Type 1, they are more open and less likely to hate you. You are seen as "high status" and there is an opportunity to bond with the person.

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05-22-2017 6:21 PM
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RE: Fallout
05-22-2017 7:08 PM

To me, Imprinting is where the woman has positive emotions/memories they recall about you and your encounter after you separate. They can function normally without being around you just thinking of you in a positive light.

A crush occurs when the female cannot obtain the person they feel strong attraction and bonding with, such as a teacher, celebrity, married guy, a guy of higher status 'too good for them'..

Fallout is where they become possessive about you and about being in your presence.. A small amount of fallout is ok if you are responding back. This can be feeling like someone is a soulmate and perfect for you and you are responding positively to these feelings back. They want to be in your presence and around you but feel like they NEED you in their life. This is what I think people are after in a mix.

Fallout can continue however into very negative behavior/stalker/jealous behavior, usually caused by breaking off the contact after the bonding/attraction/love feelings. A woman has these feelings but can not act on them or get rid of them so they obsess.

Smaller fallout is things like calling, texting, sending letters, and emailing you. Being unable to be away from your presence might cause them to visit you at work or home unexpectedly. Trying to interfere with other relationships you have if you picked someone instead, or prevent others from going after you. Carrying a photo or something of yours even if you didnt agree to be in a relationship. The thoughts are like OCD and interfere with their normal behaviors and functioning when they are not around you.

I would gather a Alpha + androsterone + mood lifter/dopamine spike + imprinting, + anything that makes them want to hover or be in your presence or personal space. Stuff like Androstadienone and comfort mones too that create bonding/love/crushy feelings. High status, anything that makes them think about you, raises their mood, and want to be around you combined.

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05-22-2017 7:08 PM
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RE: Fallout
Yesterday 8:42 AM

Without absence fallout is impossible.
Fallout is like you are crack, they are the addict.
It's like dealing drugs, the first hit is free.....
Fallout, if not obsession is too close to it.
Who REALLY wants an obsessed bitch?

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Yesterday 8:42 AM
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