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RE: Evolve
05-16-2012 9:02 PM

(05-16-2012 8:24 AM)Gotchaz Wrote:  Yeah AD uses DHL as well I get stuff to Canada in a day or two. They are fast that's for sure. I know I couldn't send some mones to the U.S they said it was considered dangerous goods, I told them it was perfume. They said it's restricted cause it could be flamable. Maybe that's why AD uses a courier. Shrug, I'm sure it will show up somewhere at some point lol

Yeah the HUGE difference is that AD gets bulk pricing since they ship so much. A DHL package to Canada would cost $30 for us normal folk. Right now I'm only charging $6 for international even though its costing me $16.95. I couldn't eat the $30 (and again that's just to our neighbor to the north. Imagine the cost to Europe...).

You can't tell DHL, FedEx or even the USPS you are shipping perfume. The alcohol content can ignite under the pressure changes and bring down a plane. That wouldn't be cool at all.

Most companies ignore the dangers of sending the alcohol content and just don't give a crap. The whole I'm more ethical than your company is nonsense when it comes to them making money. I specifically went to the USPS with the full list of ingredients and all the MSDS. I checked on liquid size limits (120 mL), how they have to be wrapped (each in a sealable plastic containers capable of holding all the liquid if they leak, and declared as liquid in the US. Its a lot to follow but hey, if you get caught shipping undeclared flammables its big-time trouble. I couldn't imagine having a plane crash because just to make a profit. While most likely, unlikely, it could still happen and its so easy to take the necessary precautions.

The alcohol content in everything I sell is well below the legal threshold so I am good to go that way. Technically FedEx wont ship ANYTHING by air that is liquid from what I understand.

So yeah I totally agree that USPS is a cheap option but their customer service is garbage. I had a call with them for an international package that has gone missing. The guy told me sorry nothing I can do. I told him I paid for insurance and he said file a claim and they will look into it but it can take 120 days. So yeah with that type of service if they do go out of business I wouldn't mind, but right now I'm to small of an operation. I'm kind of at a loss right now, but I assure you I'm looking at all the optionsSmile.

Sorry about the rant, but its been a long day.

Be Happy and laugh often
Steve O
PheromonesXS enthusiast, hobbyist, founder.

I want to provide you with the very best customer experience I can. As such, I don't check PM's very often. Please send me an email which will find me wherever I am: EMAIL ME HERE!
05-16-2012 9:02 PM
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