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04-22-2012 9:18 PM

First off, Thank you SteveO!

I could smell the pheromones when I opened the ziplock bag containing my sample. It has the strongest pheromonal odor of anything in my tool-belt yet! SWEET! I KNOW there's a hefty dose in this bad-boy, I can smell it.

I've worn Evolve two times, one spray each time. I havn't noticed any self effects, but that is pretty typical for me (unless I wipe something under my nose). I need to keep wearing Evolve to really understand it. But I have a few impressions and one good hit LOL. Time, and some testing, will tell hehe.

I think Evolve pissed off a girl I work with (age 28). Everything was normal, but she turned seriously grumpy. Oddly it wasn't directed at me though, she was just generally grumpy.

I've noticed some extended eye contact from women 30+

One cougar chatted me up while I was at work. I was in a storage room on the ground floor about 6' by 10' and jam packed with stuff so it feels tiny. I had been working in there a while and the room was filled with my phero-cloud. A women about 45 came to the door way and asked for assistance finding the ampitheatre. So I gave her directions. She lit up a Virginia Slim and started a conversation. Hit!

Also, I was told "you STINK" by a friend about 30 minutes after applying Evolve. It was covered with Burberry summer, four sprays. I think I will cover it with something a bit more powerful next time, maybe Dirty English.

Evolve. . . I don't fully understand it yet and I want to test it more. I can't wait to try it in better testing grounds. Summer is hereBeach so I'll have to wear this pimp juice to some partys and report back Laugh1 I will keep testing. Scout: I just wanted to start this thread before I forgot anything, I've misplaced my pocket hit journal somewhere. . .

[Image: 34t60p1.gif]
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04-22-2012 9:18 PM
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