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Erox tests
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Erox tests
10-03-2011 10:38 AM

Huge thanks Sanjay for the testers! You have a really potent product - i think the mones content are fantastic! I may need more tweaking though hahaha

Some unimportant things:

1. LOVE the outer casing. I believe there will be nearly no incidence of leaks compared to the usual screw cap atomizers especially when you leave it in your jeans.

2. The name "Erox" kinda makes people ask what it is. Mmm... not so good if spotted and you are not planning to make conversation about it. My GF was staring at its name for the longest time.

3. Bigger atomizer = harder to fit into jeans (shouldn't be an issue)

So on to the Pheromones:


3x to throat

Initial impressions:

I'm not a huge fan of the scent (it's not unpleasant in any way) but it's not an issue because it dies down to a very very faint fragrance - all's good. Like ohhmygod mentioned, it does remind me of polo blue for some reason.

Self effects:

I received the tiniest bit of self effect, a momentary pick up in mood. I was actually still wondering how come the self effect wasn't stronger when i started noticing i was getting more and more irritated by my surroundings (pedestrian, transportation system, etc). I sent a text to DV and apparently he said these are classical symptoms of Androstadienone OD. I've used Androstadienone from Love Scent neat before but never had such problems. Doses at around 125 mcg only seemed to just dull me when i applied it in confined spaces. Anyway, this just seems to confirm for me that it is potent stuff!

Big hit of the day:

So being the ass of a bf i am, i decided to spend the best part of the afternoon watching cartoons rather than going out with her and her friends. I was suppose to meet her at a train station so she could pick me up and go off to have dinner with her family. Needless to say i was expecting her to be pissed. I swear i didn't plan the situation to test Erox lol.

Erox hits fast! A few minutes later she started to keep kissing and kissing me - usually she doesn't go past one - until i had to pry her away and asked her if she was feeling guilty about something lol. I asked her if she felt she suddenly loved me more (i ask this question whenever i test a new mix to see if the proverbial formula exists) but she replied she definitely felt more comfortable in my presence and asked if i had Pheromones on. I proceeded to show her the spray and told her i was feeling irritable (she didn't get the same effect).

Day 1 conclusion:

3 puffs was probably too strong for me. I didn't feel very social during the dinner. Erox seems to work really well on my gf though.
(This post was last modified: 10-03-2011 10:39 AM by mengster.)
10-03-2011 10:38 AM
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