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Erox now available during pre-launch!
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Erox now available during pre-launch!
12-15-2011 3:58 PM

First of all let me start by saying Thank You! to all the members of Pherotruth and especially to mark-in-dallas who has been very kind with his time as well.

As you may have already figured out by now, this is our first foray into the pheromone fragrance space and we couldn't be more excited by the reception and feedback we have received!

Our official launch is in the middle of January when we unveil our celebrity spokesperson and reach out to the media. In the meantime, you have back door access just by belonging to this community...

Look for our coupon code (hidden somewhere on pherotruth) and enjoy 30% off. You may see some tweets offering other coupon codes, but the pherotruth discount is the biggest since we are not offering more than 20% off anywhere else.

We have worked very hard to create a product that is professional, yummy smelling, and potent in its effects. Erox is social- nothing more and nothing less. We realize that the phero-geeks will layer it with other tools in their pheromone arsenal, but our goal is to introduce regular consumers to the wonderful world of functional fragrances. I have no doubt that once they are hooked, they will end up here to learn some of the dark, forbidden secrets hidden here Angel Think of Erox as the "gateway drug" for this little world and you will understand our approach. As for the fragrance, it was designed to serve as a good base layer for almost any other fragrance out there. We asked the designers to consider the Jo Mallone approach of mixing and matching several notes to create unique scent profiles. Erox is lighter on the fragrance side for just this reason- we expect people to layer it with other scents. It was not easy coming up with a scent that could be unisex, appeal to more people than not, and usable in combination with other fragrances, but I think we have come really close to achieving this.

We have a Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/EROX/186613468057829 and @eroxfragrance at Twitter if you want to give us a shout out, or provide feedback about your experiences with Erox.
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12-15-2011 3:58 PM
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Checking out the place

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RE: Erox now available during pre-launch!
12-15-2011 9:19 PM

Can you tell me when this fabulous product will be available to be shipped to Hawaii? Can't wait to try it.
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12-15-2011 9:19 PM
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