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Erox - Will Asians like corals?
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Deja Vu
The Asian Tester

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RE: Erox - Will Asians like corals?
09-25-2011 10:27 AM

Erox 2nd testing.

1 word summary: OMG (Ok it was 3 words) jumpy

Application: 2x Erox


- After about 15 minutes after I started my work, 2 ladies kept smiling at me, 1 is nearing 60 and the other about 40. Whenever they see me they will just SMILE like this Smile, this lasted for 11 freaking hours!

- Now here comes the good part (Please go and prepare some popcorns popcorn ) During my break I decided to hop over to another place with a colleague of mine that I had just known. Mengster brought me to this place some few weeks before where there was a cute girl working there, so me and my colleague decided to go and take a look.

- When we arrived there, I opened her and she was very receptive, very bubbly and cute! We must have stayed there for more than 15 minutes chatting with her.

Effects on her:

1. (Hi 5's are the best way to initiate physical contact with another girl) I did alot of Hi 5's with her and everytime we hi 5, her palm would just stick to my palm for 3-5 seconds before we break contact. This is a MAJOR hit.

2. Huge pupil dilation when chatting with her, body-language wise I noticed that both her feet were pointed towards me and her palms were open when chatting with me (and my colleague aka wingman).

3. I managed to FACEBOOK-CLOSE HER. yoohoo

BUT.. here comes the complicated part. She was very hesitant to giving out her contact and it was only after some more talking that I (almost) got her facebook. There was a major ASD (Anti-Slut-Defense) on her when I was closing her. I attribute this failure to 3 factors..

1. 2 random guys versus 1 girl. Huge bitch shield armed and ready.

2. My colleague aka wingman SUCKS. Lol, he totally did not help in anyway during the set, in fact he made it worse when he just blurted randomly: "Hey give us your number then Deja Vu can ask you out for lunch" I was totally WTF, that's it.

3. At that point of time, Erox application has already been more than 5+ hours.

And the story ends in a twist..

Even though with the above mentioned factors, I still managed to (almost) get her to add me on facebook. HOWEVER, either she knew or she forgot, her profile is set to the highest setting which is PRIVATE and no one can add her unless she adds someone. I asked her whether she has a smartphone and she said "Nope", in which I replied: "Let me try again". I must have tried like a dozen times before I told her: "I can't find you on Facebook!"

To which her devastating reply..

"Too bad then"


So, we both moved on.


- Despite my failure, I still think that Erox is totally awesome. It really melts first-contact barriers and make girls all smiley and comfortable chatting with you.

- Of course, the same ol' stares and looks you get from the girls with a good attraction product.

- I am really liking Erox, I did not expect it to be so good!

In fact, I think Erox just bumped IG out and got into my Fav 5!

Updated Deja Vu's Fav 5:

1. True Love - Crazy attraction with great social effects on both guys and girls.

2. True Alpha - Intense charisma, smooth and attractive!

3. Instant Gentleman - Superstar-like respect from people exposed to it.

3. Erox - Melts first-contact barriers, incredible attraction.

4. p83 - The nitrous boost to almost any mix, adds an extra "oomph" to the mones.

5. Wingman 9 - AWESOME social, should be named Instant Mr. Popular.

[Image: iJpJNZDYVJqTY.png]

dé·jà vu/ˌdāZHä ˈvo͞o/Noun
The Awesome Asian swimming in Pheromones
09-25-2011 10:27 AM
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