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Foremost Eccentric

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RE: D-17X
04-19-2016 5:21 PM

Shipping took an absolutely ridiculous amount of time, but I've finally received confirmation. It looks like I'll be trying D-17x after all.
04-19-2016 5:21 PM
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Contributes Regularly

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RE: D-17X
05-06-2016 4:20 AM

I had 0 problems with my pherone orders. I've made 2 orders from pherone. Both were without issues. I think I went with one of their special offers.

I've used their products a few times. Still figuring them out but there was this one bird who wanted the big D and I went on a date with her after she got exposed to some pherone stuff .

Had some great customer service too from a couple of hot birds but I haven't really spent enough time on these products.

They definitely work and have some very useful effects too.

They're not too expensive either and 1 drop seema potent enough.

D17x may have a molecule in it that is very similar to something in el3ment x that makes me very calm and sleepy upon initial application.

Stuff is legit but that's all I can say for now.

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05-06-2016 4:20 AM
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