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Certo Review
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Certo Review
09-03-2011 2:14 AM

I recieved my order from Alpha Dream on Monday, I purchased Certo, Am, and Glaze(back order not arrive yet) and a sample of corpovativo. I decided to try out Certo first since according to the research, Am is more a night game. After 5 days of using Certo, I am kind of confuse about the effect. So here was my journel for the last few day.

Certo, 2 spray, 1 to the left neck and 1 to the right neck.
Went on a skytrain, not noticing any difference.
At work(call centre), my supervisor(male) look over and seems like he wants to say something/start a conversation but don't kno what to say. The girl sitting next to me suddenly msg me via msn and talk for a bit. And thats pretty much it.

Certo,3 spray, 1 to left neck and 1 to right neck, 1 spray on the wrist.
Went on a skytrain, nothing special happen, everyone is doing their own stuff.
At work, a girl coworker sit far away seems to be very hyper and keep chatting with me, when I stop chatting she will ask what is going on. But normally we chat everyday anyways. Not to sure if there is any mone effect.

Certo 4 sprays, 1 left neck 1 right neck. 1 behind left ear 1 behind right ear.
At work, a female frd said I was acting strange and look at her weird when I look at her same way everyday. After work I went for some shopping and hang out at a cocktail competition dinner. Had a good time chilling with frds and everyone seems to be happy. Waitress were smiling and overall a friend environment. Not sure if that has anything to do with the mones tho.

Certo 5 sprays, 1 left neck 1 right neck. 1 behind left ear 1 behind right ear, 1 spray on wrist.

Went on skytrain, nothing much special as usual, everyone seems to be busy doing their stuff.
At work, the mone smell is kinda strong to myself even with 3 spray of colgne. Chatting with a girl co-worker and a bit more than usual body contact.

My feeling about Certo over the week-

Kind of confuse about it's effect, communication wise, I am a talkative person therefore I normally talk with ppls a lot, nothing really special that I can recall. And a frd said I look at her different which is kind of weird. Self effect is great, seems like I am more patient and more relax. Overall in a good mood.
This is the first time I try mones, I also purchase TL, TI ,TA as well so I will try them later and compare.
09-03-2011 2:14 AM
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RE: Certo Review
09-04-2011 6:50 AM

yeah, certo and socials in general can be tough to gauge if ur new to mones.

it helps if ur either very empathetic and put urself in other peoples shoes on a regular basis, or if ur very adept at reading body language.

i say, just trust your instincts. go with what you feel is right, and not to over think things. while u are in the moment is when you should come to your conclusions, not after the fact when you can over analyze things.

certo and socials are tough to gauge in public places like skytrains and buses etc. because people tend to keep to themselves. at work or with friends, or at a club or bar where socializing is encouraged is where youll notice the effects of socials. most people wont initiate convo with a stranger no matter how interesting they seem in certain places like public transportation, or shopping centers. but at a club, a bar, school, work, etc. where socializing is encouraged is where youll notice reactions.

if u want to test certo or socials in places like the skytrain, then u would have to initiate the conversation. then judge how the person reacts.

if u really want to see point blank reactions, then id say use an Androstenone heavy mix at work. or spray a heavy Androstenone mix before going someplace with alot of alpha males like the gym, or a tattoo parlor, or a biker bar, lol.
09-04-2011 6:50 AM
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