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Best M3X combo !
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Asian Hunter

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RE: Best M3X combo !
12-11-2017 11:51 PM

(11-22-2017 8:04 AM)gman Wrote:  Hi BK,

I've been hearing many good things about Core and I think that would be my final purchase for a while. This stuff is getting expensive lol. With Core I think I'll have enough solos and combo's to last me a while for any occasion.
I just got M3X, Imprint and Wolf, BW is on the way. I'm personally looking forward to trying BW the most. I'm hoping it makes me feel like when I was working out 5 times a week and had serious testosterone in my system. Women were going crazy over me and I didn't think that maybe testosterone was giving off some serious pheromones. I was a bad dude at that time, felt like a God.


I agreed with you about Core. I hope it was still consistent. It was a potent mix in many of my combo. My core was getting low. I have just purchased and paid 2 bottles of core fury and crash. And core, combo really well with M3X.......... Core, Xist and M3X.... get me laid a lot. Lol.
I also just read and hear a good thing about manimal 2. I hope thunder can give me a sample of manimal 2 to test also.
I have purchased one big bottle of manimal 1. One or 2 year ago maybe. Dont remember. Still nearly full. sadly it was not working really well for my chemestry. I hope m2 was a beast like core dion, titan and m3X.
Keep up the awesome work thunder Drinks

Focus My Arsenal : Xist, lB, Evolve, Core, A314 rev32, NA, Cohesion, Wolf, A1, AV, PI, MAG, SOE, NPA, DP, Glacé, HS, A4A and etc...

My Journal : http://pherotruth.com/Thread-The-Conqueror-Journal
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12-11-2017 11:51 PM
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Getting comfortable

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RE: Best M3X combo !
01-12-2018 2:37 PM

Just tried CORE and M3X combo last night on a date. Frost scent. First off, finally found a scent I liked (and my date). Arc was way too tobacco like and smelled cheap/old man, and Pulse I was told by a girl smelled like "Cherry cough syrup". Frost was masculine and sweet combined. Settled nice, was told it almost smelled like Creed Aventus.

2 sprays CORE, 1 spray M3X. Now, disclaimer, I did use one spray of Holy Grail X earlier in the day, approximately 10 hours prior.

3rd date with this girl, still haven't sealed the deal. Went to a Thai restaurant, and I was 20 minutes late. She was not happy but quickly changed her attitude once I gave her a hug. Dinner she was full of intrigue and conversation. I only planned on dinner since it was "school" night. After the date she insisted she come back to my place so she could give me a massage. In all honesty, I did not want her coming back because of how messy my place was and still had remnants of other women being around lol. Anyway, I obliged. Back at my place she kept making slight touches to my hand and asking why I wasn't touching her back. Finally she got close to my neck and asked what I was wearing - that she LOVED the smell. After taking a few sniffs of my neck, she completely melted and insisted I take off my shirt so she could give me a massage. During that time she kept talking about sex, how she wasn't getting enough, etc. Just to test the 'mones, I said, "thank you for the massage, it was amazing. I'm super tired and need to get to bed, I'll walk you to your car." That's when she goes, "can I please just have another 10 minutes with you?" with her outstretched arms for a hug. I gave her a hug while she laid on the couch, and that's when she practically jumped on me. Heavy making out that soon turned into... you know what! Afterwards, she was very "needy" and cuddly, didn't want to leave. However, I had to kick her out because 2nd date was coming over lol. I quickly give her the boot and ran into the shower.

2nd date - she stays over a lot and we've been seeing each other for a while. Kind of lost the spark, but still have great intimacy. I was tired, wanted to go to bed especially after the 1st round... This is the first time she asks me, "Are you not attracted to me anymore? How come you don't want to have sex with me tonight?" Granted, the last few times I've seen her we've just hung out and not had sex. Not sure if the mones were still lingering even after the shower, but it still seemed to be working!

Core + M3X is a great combo, but not an immediate hit. Took a little time to build but after a couple hours it was amazing. Just a little experience of mine, will report back with more another time. Hopefully the Holy Grail X wasn't still lingering during first encounter. HGX is still one I can't figure out, but so far seems positive.
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01-12-2018 2:37 PM
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