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05-29-2016 1:17 PM

So I thought I'd make a review of my only experience so far.

Attrakt seems to be in the Love Scent site despite being a Verolabs product.

A little background: A few years ago I purchased Liquid Trust (now called Connekt) which is an Oxytocin only spray. Oxytocin is a hormone and not a pheromone so should only be effective if used internally (in theory). In fact many on here and other sites highlight the fact that the molar mass is too big for it to diffuse in the same way as a pheromone. That being said, I thought I'd try it regardless.

My one and only experience was for a professional sales job interview. This job was meant to be a 2 day interview process but I got the job on the first day. Unfortunately the bottle cracked in my bag and the whole lot leaked out after so never got to test it out again so it is inconclusive.

I recently purchased Attrakt which is Oxytocin + pheromones which used to be called 'Liquid Trust Enhanced'. The Verolabs website doesn't mention which additional pheromones are in the product so I was a bit sceptical but as I had previous experience I thought I'd give them a try again.

The product is unscented apart from a musk which I can only liken to a foundation/makeup sort of smell??? I always wore with my usual fragrance.

My first day's experience had no effect except a bit of self effect where I felt a little more confident than normal however it may have been as a result of anticipation.

A another day I wore it to pick someone up from the airport to see if it had any effect in crowded places with strangers. Same self effect feeling here as well. I had very little effect except for one where I stood next to a mid 30s lady to read the arrivals screen. I then moved to one of the seating area about 50-60 meters away and she followed and sat on my row (it was a large and almost empty seating area). I find this IOI very hazy but it did seem weird as she had hundreds of other places to sit.

I tried it at work a few times to see what it's like with people I know. Here is a breakdown of my experiences.

1. A female colleague who normally visits for an update on a project normally comes and says her thing and leaves. In this instance she stayed for an extended length of time after we'd finished talking about the project. She kept finding extra things to talk about. Unfortunately this was an unwanted hit if you know what I mean!!

2. Another female colleague claimed the office smelt like urine on 2 occasions I was wearing but not on the days I was not wearing!

3. A third female colleague seemed quick to want to get away from me despite our usual relationship being quite friendly.

3. A male colleague in a more senior position was also more talkative and friendly than normal.

All other times I've worn this I've had no noticeable effects so my results are very inconclusive and unscientific.

I would not buy this again and if it did work it was very weak at best using their recommended dosage of 2-3 sprays.

I am thankful for this product as it spurred me on to do more research and find these forums which allowed me to discover alternative products.

Hope this helps anyone that's planning on getting this.

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05-29-2016 1:17 PM
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