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Astaxanthin (PT-A)
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RE: Astaxanthin (PT-A)
03-04-2020 7:41 PM

(10-31-2019 12:46 PM)Arsenic Wrote:  I just picked up some. It doesn't seem to do much at 1 or 2 drops. 3 is where effects start to take place for me. Testing solo so far, I can say that it does generally improve the mood of everyone in the room and does tend to improve the mood more for people who are depressed, as one user mentioned above. It makes me feel more energetic, focused, and excited - a very cool self effect, which is distinctly different from other mones in that it feels more like a natural wakefulness and confidence whereas other mones could hype you up in a way that feels like you're drunk or in a daze or even like amphetamines. This, however, is very clean.

I wore it solo around my gf and her roommate (3 drops covered with Ambroxan, a very mild cover). Despite hard times, they were both more energetic and happy with an increased depth and intelligence to their conversations.

Moving forward I'm interested in testing it with BW.

Did you ever rock that combo A/BW?

mooning whiney control freaks mooning
03-04-2020 7:41 PM
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RE: Astaxanthin (PT-A)
05-21-2020 8:50 PM

I bought some Astaxanthin in capsule form and diluted it in some cologne. Shook up the bottle everyday and wore it within a couple days. Super crazy good self effects, much energy and euphoria and motivation. The effects on others seemed to make people happy and move towards me and stand really close.
Not sure how I feel about making it myself, it seems to have caused my ears to pop that didn’t go away until I washed it off. It didn’t happen every time I wore it but sometimes. Tried to rule out any other things that could have caused these effects but this seemed to be the culprit. Also not sure if it’s due to it being homemade from capsule form rather than buying it already made.
But it mixed with cologne really fast and diffusion was really good and effects lasted to almost 8 hours. Not sure of dosage. I had an old small sample bottle of cologne that didn’t have a spray nozzle, so I mixed the AXT in that bottle and dabbed it on my wrists. 3 dabs. It stained red but I rubbed wrists together and it blended into my skin, I’m sort of olive toned so easy to hide in natural skin tone.
05-21-2020 8:50 PM
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