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Ascend + Cohesion = Well Respected and Valued at Work
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Ascend + Cohesion = Well Respected and Valued at Work
10-07-2013 12:11 AM

I received my order of ACE + Bliss + Xist last week and knowing that I work a job that retains on the value you seek with who comes through the door I know Ascend had to be put to use, Cohesion for the coworkers I deal with and the ability of putting possible female customers at ease to open up more to make a better sale.

Close to Mid-day I sprayed 1 spray Ascend to neck, 1 spray Cohesion back of neck. Smelled the Ascend with Copulins and it does hit for the first 15-20 then dies down.

Self Effects

- Felt more confident along with what I call a calm energized aura (I'm high energy and enthusiastic by nature so I felt great!)
- Had more kick in my step and my actions felt more crisp and precise in terms of how I go about doing things, it's almost like polishing ones physically actions to have more execution in it, not sure if this is because of feeling that confident.
- When I normally speak to people in my chair I rarely ever 2nd guess what I say, this took that to a whole new level in terms of how I explained things and my demeanor of how I presented it.

Effects on Others.
- My female co-workers insistently asked for my opinion and help on specific things.
- They also were a lot more relaxed and attentive to what I said, I give credit to both products as respect and value has risen (Ascend) ontop of keeping them at ease and being comfortable (Cohesion).
- My boss treated me with even more respect than usual and even apologized about a few things that made me wait to hear back an answer on. This is very rare to occur given that he is normally in charge and goes about managing in a direct no frills manner.

Specific Hits:

- 1 specific female co-worker not only asked for my opinion on a few things she was dealing with at the moment but also complemented me about being better I am than our actual specific tech support department in a very friendly sweet way.

- More kino from a few friends and my boss, nothing ridiculous but hand on shoulder while making jokes.

- One that I remember was the way a late customer, a female in her late teens early 20s thanked me for helping her get back on board with what we offer, she said it in a very sensual slow voice, almost innuendo like.

All in all, I love this combo and ran it the next day with the same tone of getting lots of respect from people and the females were at ease and open to listen while being attentive.

I'm not sure how much more benefits will come out of 2-3 sprays of Cohesion with 1 spray Ascend but so far the 1 spray of each is more than enough to set the tone. Well done SteveO! Potent and effective stuff you got here. Mrgreen
10-07-2013 12:11 AM
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