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12-15-2011 2:26 PM

I haven't found a official thread about this in the research section, so I think it is time to open one up!

Here are some findings about Androstanone from my journal

Quote:About Androstanone

It took some time to get a grip on that and how it works! I've found it is just like none but in a very mellow and smooth way! It is even less edgy than none with ISO E, it's a bit like none coming completly through the backdoor and turning the girls on without any defends!

It is definately a very attractive molecule, with some masculine yet slighty alpha tendencies! I never got blatant hits with that as with none but instead I got very solid reaction from most women in a more subtle way!

Mostly the same effects as with none but mellow, smooth and subtle no aggressive sexual reactions by women!

I also tend to think of some kind of afterglow effect, I'm not pretty sure if that is caused by Androstanone because I used it in a mix but the reactions on the day I wore it were subtle, but the next day, three girls which were a bit quiet that evening asks friend for my phone number and sent me sms the day after! So I just can say the results came the day later (afterglow)!

But not sure if that is Androstanone related but I never had such afterglow effects before! Will try it with another mix and if the same happens I think it the Androstanone!

I really love that molecule and found it most effective at 20 mcg! But I think it need some none to make it visible! For a little edge I've added one spray Turn Up The Heat so 2,5 mcg none! Worked fine!

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My journal:

12-15-2011 2:26 PM
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