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02-11-2012 5:04 PM

(5 α-androst-16-en-3-ol)

Molar mass: 274.4409 g/mol
Other names: A-nol


Alpha-Androstenol is produced by both men and women and does have significant effects on both sexes. In a test at the University Of Warwick, Androstenol exposed men and women both rated women as sexier, warmer, and more attractive than when they were not exposed to Alpha-Androstenol. However, women also rated men wearing Alpha-Androstenol consistently higher on the attractiveness scale, while men consistently downgraded other men wearing Androstenol.

Androstenol study by Stockholm Brain Institute, Karolinska Institutet: http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Ado...ne.0008651


It has been reported to create a fun upbeat talkative vibe. Exposure to Alpha-Androstenol makes people get more comfortable around the wearer, so he/she appears more approachable. Women who are exposed to Alpha-Androstenol tend to initiate social contact with males and are more likely to be friendly and receptive to males initiating contact with them. Androstenol does cause talkativeness in females.


Alpha Androstenol has a musky, sweaty aromatic scent. Some say that it smells very much like sandalwood.


An over dose of Androstenol can cause:
  • Headaches ;
  • A feeling akin to a kind of drunken tiredness ;
  • An impression of weakness. In other words, making the wearer appear a lot less alpha ;

From my personal files.

Here are some of my findings with alpha-androstenol after 5 days in a row plus sporadic days testing on myself and, for confirmation of my self effects, on other two friends.

Bottle content: 10ml
7% (0.7ml) Alpha-androstenol (1mg/ml)
83% (8.3ml) Ethanol 95°
10% (1.0ml) Dipropylene Glycol
Total pheromone content: 700mcg
Quantity per application: 9.8mcg/spray (1 spray = 140uL)

Effective duration: Not determined*

2 to 4 sprays (19.6 – 39.2 mcg)
  • People seem to enjoy your presence more and sometimes insist, directly or indirectly, that you stay and make conversation;
  • Conversation with strangers flows considerably easier, as if you have known them for a long time. It visibly enhances comfort in interactions;
  • People laugh more constantly and with higher intensity when you throw jokes. Sense of fun is visible, as well as a light fun seeking. Sometimes the mood is that of a drunken silliness. One doesn't really come off as a stranger with this on;
  • Perceived self-effects are less refrain and a bit more randomness when speaking and easiness in talking to strangers;

Personal opinion:
  • Essential in any social.
  • Great component on any mix.

*I can estimate it's effective duration on about 4 hours. It's molar mass (274.4 g/mol) is almost like alpha-androsterone's (290.4 g/mol). With 8% fixative, a-Androsterone lasted effectively about 4 hours. So giving a-nol is more volatile, but i've used 2% more fixative this time, the effective duration should be the same.

(This post was last modified: 02-11-2012 5:10 PM by Fly So Hi.)
02-11-2012 5:04 PM
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