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Alfa Maschio (new version) review!
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Hey Angel U Duh Sexy!

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RE: Alfa Maschio (new version) review!
11-09-2011 4:23 AM

I second IDK's suggestion. AM + TL is crazy, Chris. You should make something similar ^__^

[Image: 2d3nzo.png]

11-09-2011 4:23 AM
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Contributes Regularly

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RE: Alfa Maschio (new version) review!
11-10-2011 1:44 PM

Been messing with AV more and decided to give AM a try. I did only 2 sprays but added 6 sprays of Glace which I thought would soften it up. Before I wastrying AV and Glace by themselves and then togethor. My initial impressions with at least a couple days of use is hat AM seems t have a darker and heavier feel, whereas AV has a livelier and more playful sexual feel. How would I describe my use of AM is its darker and gives me a more old and calculating sexuallity...sort of like very sexual without all the emotions.

This is at 2 sprays and with Glace added. I noticed females reactions were more withheld and a girl behind the counter was acting very nervous. Then some other chick was staring at me as I was adding creamer to my coffee at the bar. I am not using this in a club setting, but mostly testing all my pheremone usage out in everyday public settings, so keep that in mind.

Everyday, before I put a fresh application I always take 2 showers and scrub the old pheremones off vigorously with a sauna/steambath in between to purify my skin pores. I try to keep my applications fresh as I'm not sure if the day prior it will muck up my results.
11-10-2011 1:44 PM
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AKA PheroJoe

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RE: Alfa Maschio (new version) review!
01-25-2013 6:14 AM

I've tried this mix and I have to say... mind boggling! I don't know the exact ratios I used them at, but some folks have claimed p83 to be b-thdoc and yeah... along with TL and neno made a freaking powerful attraction mix. Yeah I tried them both on at the same time - after a few hours the TL depression kicked in and the p83 might've made it worse but I knew I wouldn't be getting the girl alone so I used it to amplify any emotion she feels. I'll be replacing AM for corpo next time cause shes got daddy issues but whatever, this kicked serious ass.

(11-09-2011 4:19 AM)idontknow Wrote:  My experience with single molecules is very limited. I'm just mostly taking my information from this forum.
IMO there could be some potential adding Beta-THDOC to Alfa Maschio.

Also Pregnenolone + Alfa Maschio could be a good fit. From what i read -neno could be a great social and maybe could also have some disinhibiting/attractive qualities like Beta-THDOC.

Lastly i've been layering Alfa Maschio a lot with True Love (Methoxyestratetraenone, Androstenol (alpha & beta), Androstadienone & Estratetraenol). Especially the Methoxyestratetraenone & Estratetraenol could be a good addition to Alfa Maschio and maybe replace some 'nols, or allow for more Androstenone and AndrostAnone in the mix. IDK how much Androstadienone there is in Alfa Maschio already, but i'd aim for ~50mcg at 3-4 sprays. IMO Androstadienone is one of the better comfort getters.

I've seen very nice attraction with just wearing Glace + Beta-THDOC, but it was only one test. I've worn Beta-THDOC along with Alfa Maschio and True Love and have seen superb attraction and blushing in one girl. I usually don't get this from Alfa Maschio + TL, or Alfa Maschio solo. That is still very limited testing, though.

If you give me a few more months, i may have some reults of Alfa Maschio + Beta-THDOC, and Alfa Maschio + Pregnenolone.
01-25-2013 6:14 AM
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RE: Alfa Maschio (new version) review!
10-23-2013 10:31 PM

Hands down the greatest reviews and comments on alfa maschio.

When I spray this I get the bad boy vibe about me.... I get on this "sexual prowl" you could say...

Woman around me become like helpless lambs as I go in for the kill... I can flirt with any women of my choosing..

It's powerful af...

Gonna have a basement full of am one day...lol

Rehearsing for hours in front of my mirror
Until my voice was hoarse but my vision was clearer
10-23-2013 10:31 PM
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