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Alfa Maschio Review
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Alfa Maschio Review
02-20-2012 2:25 PM

OK - this is really a review of Alfa Maschio, Certo and Glace.

Yes I did a mini mega-mix. I know - bad testing for a new product but I kinda knew what I wanted to do.

This stuff is dangerous.

2 sprays of Alfa Maschio to the upper chest, lower neck
1 spray of Certo to neck
1 spray of Glace to the wrists
Covered with cologne

Mrs. BH has decided that she wants to go out for the evening. So we go out to dinner, then someplace else for dessert/drinks, then someplace for just a drink. Mrs. BH is very engaged. Eyes all twinkling, lots of conversation, very few lulls. The third place we go for a drink she moves in close. She wants to go dancing but we really have to wait untill places open up and get going.

We finally go to one of her favorite places to go dancing. This is where trouble raises its head. This is an interesting club. It plays a good mix of music - everything from good 80s to the latest and people of all ages are always there as a result. We get into the club and it is still a little early. Not many people out dancing yet. We manage to get a good place standing near the dance floor just checking everything out. I notice there are 3 or 4 young ladies (mid-20s, attractive) standing behind us but cannot give you any details beyond that.

After a few minutes there, all those earlier drinks kick in and Mrs. BH says she is going to the ladies room. It is more or less across from us so I watch her walk over and go in. Then I just stand there and enjoy the scenery on the dance floor waiting for her to get back. Sure enough, a few minutes later she gets back and pushes up hard against me from behind. Did I mention pushes hard? Not ususally her style but it is nice - I can feel every contour of her body and I can swear she is giving it a little extra pelvic push. So I am just standing there just enjoying the moment, the Mrs. pushing against me, watching people dance, the scent of her perfu...

When suddenly three thoughts occur to me simultaneously.

First, that is not Mrs. BH's perfume.
Second, the person pushing against me is taller than Mrs. BH and
Third, I would have seen Mrs. BH walk out of the ladies room.

The conversation that follows is very close but approximate due to shock value and fear of Mrs. BH showing up.

Just as I tense up she says "You smell really good."
Me: "Thank you. X cologne"
Her: "I would give anything to have a boyfriend that smells as good as you."

Just as I hold up my left hand to show her my ring, Mrs. BH walks out of the ladies room.
Her: "Your wife?"
Me: "20+ years."
Her: A sad sounding sigh. "Congratulations"
Me: "Thank you"
She pulls away saying "I really am a good girlfriend."
I think to myself - "I believe you but sorry - can't help - I try hard to be a good husband."

Mrs. BH gets back. She is looking at something as she walks up. She looks at me and the look in her eye says she has seen something.

Guys - when you get a sweet look and get an innocent question in a sweet voice, look closely in their eyes. Trust me, the next few seconds are critical to your very survival.

Mrs. BH: "Were you talking to that girl?"
Me: "Yes, she was asking about what I took to be a more lively club, so I told her about ____ club. I think she said they were going to try it out."
Mrs. BH: "Good."
Same sweet smile. Yes I lied. But discretion was definitely the better part of valor in that situation.

After that we had a good evening. I did notice we had unattached females keep migrating close to us as we were dancing.

Nothing else unusual happened until a little later during a slow dance. About halfway through the dance Mrs. BH wraps her arms around me tight and puts the full frontal body press on me. And Mrs. BH has a very nice ... frontal body. Second slow dance comes on and I get a kiss. That becomes very full and does not end. Towards the end of the song I look up. There are some young people on the side of the dance floor. Earlier I had seen them out there grinding for all they were worth. Now one of the grind boys is giving me a slightly disgusted look that says "Go get a room."
Grind that, buddy.

At that point I am not sure either one of us can really walk off the dance floor but we do and decide it is time to go find that room. Mrs. BH decides to relive that kiss at the door of the car.

Even the drive home was ... envigorating.

Eventually we did get home and find that room.
(This post was last modified: 02-20-2012 11:22 PM by Bosshank.)
02-20-2012 2:25 PM
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