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After all this time.. do pheromones work?
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RE: After all this time.. do pheromones work?
06-05-2012 12:49 PM

(06-05-2012 9:54 AM)Q-Tips Wrote:  So you used it only for your self effect? To straighten yourself up, both your body language and your confident way of thinking? And without that effect, you now have little effect from the pheromones? Or am i wrong?
If that is so, could it be pheromones doesnt work for you either? Could the self effect who gives the male an attractive body language just be a placebo since they now think they are attractive by using mones?

They use mones who they belive will make them attractive. And since they believe so, they will act this way as well. They get a pheromone for the first time. Add it on, and goes to the supermarket to look around while they feel great and attractive. The cashiergirl smile and say hello. So they get all high thinking the mone was wonderful and runs back, sit down at his computer to write a report about his first hit.

I belive JS deserves a lot of respect for this thread, as i belive he just write what many think but isnt brave enogh to say.

I didn't use mones only for self effects. I simply didn't say that. Positive self effects were never my intention at all. The residual distraction from nols was often annoying at work, in fact. And I do still get results from mixes which don't affect me (much) any more. But self effects and their pro-social impact on body language contributed to the effect, and I would get positive reactions from people in cars, sometimes, just because I was smiling more and looking at people. But I have much more solid evidence than this.

Androstadienone is the clearest example of the positive effectiveness of mones. It gave me mild depression at times, but very clearly improves some women's opinion of me. And notably, when it caused depression, that depression didn't actively hurt my body language. Mones that explicitly made me stressed didn't help me out much, however, till I worked on fixing that stress or just eliminating the molecule. The impact of negative self effects from those molecules weighed more heavily on me than positive effects on others. Or if I have a headache or feel embarrassed, (or if someone is so Androstenone sensitive that my cover scent doesn't cover the smell) those things will be more significant than help from the mones. And if I have a headache from some mix I made, I know I'm going to be scowling more than usual and that impacts people.

Alpha Dream's website warns that less confident males can sometimes have this issue with more "alpha" mixes. So people, even vendors, have written about this issue. This isn't really anything that new.

I could concentrate on being relaxed and smiling and sometimes correct my body language, but it took an effort.

I'm sure there's some placebo effect at work and I've tried to account for that. But I'll also swear that there's far more to the impact of various molecules than just a placebo effect. At times, I've tried talking to a person, spraying some mones on my hand and then watched their body language change. I've tested various molecules that are not known pheromones to see if they have an effect or not. People tended to agree that certain test molecules had no beneficial effect, even when they didn't know one another's results. I've tried very hard to be rigorous about this and I'm absolutely certain that there's more to mones than just placebo effect and confirmation bias.

I've seen women start rubbing their chests or getting agitated because of mixes that I've worn. Since I'm not looking for sex, I don't necessarily find such outcomes advantageous but I do find them interesting. I've had women suddenly start complaining about their husbands and inquiring into my relationship status in a way that made it clear that they were hitting on me, and were confused when I didn't reciprocate. I've seen behavior in friends which was simply beyond their normal behavior (like showing skin, etc.) when I was testing this stuff out. I won't go into detail, but I have a few examples of androsterone creating jealousy to the point that I'm careful of who I wear it around. I didn't go into any social situation with the expectation that that particular effect might be significant.

I don't think changes in my behavior were sufficient to account for this. So no, I don't think that the entire effect is a placebo effect or the result of my body language. I can point to a whole litany of experiences (both good and bad) that I wouldn't have had without mones.

[Image: Example.jpg]
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06-05-2012 12:49 PM
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