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After all this time.. do pheromones work?
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Getting comfortable

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RE: After all this time.. do pheromones work?
06-04-2012 7:17 AM

Oh wow, so many replies. Haha wasn't really expecting all that. I'll reply to this one, it appears to cover a lot of topics

(06-03-2012 2:34 AM)wiserd Wrote:  I'm really curious what happened here. Can you read body language and tell if people are reacting differently? What were your expectations? What did you look for? How did you use this stuff? How much did you use? How much exposure time do you believe is needed for something to work? How did you store your mones and where and under what conditions? What do you look like and how do you typically interact with people socially? Do you experience any self effects from this stuff? Do you use any drugs or have any medical conditions or are your interactions with pharmaceuticals in any way atypical?

As others have said, sell the stuff if you don't like it.

Sorry if some of this is personal, but I'd like to troubleshoot this. Failures are good learning opportunities. If nothing else, I wonder if you have an unusual body chemistry.

"Defeat may serve as well as victory to shake the soul and let the glory out." - Edwin Markham

I'd say I'm pretty good at reading body language. At the very least, I can tell if someone is acting differently.
I wasn't expecting much. One of the things that I didn't like is that I went through life being pretty much unnoticed. I was hoping mones would at least get more people to look my way. With something like Glace, I was hoping that I'd get the occasional person to open conversation with me. When that didn't work, I tried starting conversations with other people to see if they would flow more naturally. Still nothing more than normal.
I used anywhere from small amounts to excessive amounts. Towards the end, I probably leaned more towards the excessive side, but I did try going out with just a couple sprays on.
Exposure time: Hmm.. anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. I'd think some of the stronger ones like A314 would take more time to work.
I always kept em in a sock drawer. The only time they say the light of day was when I went to put em on. My room is kept around 70-75 Fahrenheit all day.

This next part is what may have failed me..
I'll just come out and say it, I'm fat. I have been all my life. Right around February, when I put down the mones, is when I started working on dieting and stuff. I only recently moved from obese to overweight. Not trying to fish for compliments or anything, but I've dropped to about 24% BF. I can hopefully get to 20% by next sem. My ideal is about 10%, but the one I definitely see myself getting to is 15% by next summer.

That being said, I wasn't the most attractive guy out there, and I'm also not that great socially. This likely contributed to my lack of success. I should note, however, I don't let myself get down based on my looks or anything. I was going around with a neutral attitude.
I occasionally did experience self effects, but looking back they were all bad effects. Things like extreme social anxiety. I made a post about how I became extremely conscious about myself socially whenever I put on glace. It did go away after a little while. Looking back, it was probably caused by a mix of placebo and just my socially awkward self.

This one might also be interesting. I myself would never abuse legal or illegal drugs or alcohol (lol). However, my pet parrot did start dabbling in these things. She found that he has a high tolerance to stimulants. Ephedrine, caffeine, Vicodine, and even Adderall had no effects on her. My parrot even tried LSD with no effects. Her other parrot friend tried some from the same batch and got an excellent high. My parrot also drank for the first time ever. She drank about 10oz of liquor in quick succession but had trouble getting drunk. She was definitely not sober, but she didn't look as drunk as she should be.
I googled this natural tolerance, and it turns out that there are other parrots out there with similar issues.

*Preview Post* Shoooooottt that was a long ass post. Chris, thanks for offering, but I don't think I'll go through the mess of returning and all that. I paid for these so long ago that I don't really care about the money anymore haha. I'm sure other companies accept returns too, but like I said, I was more disappointed in the product itself than the money it cost. To the others, in a similar manner, I won't really bother selling, unless someone wants to drive down to Southeast US to pick em up P

I'm going to continue working on my outward appearance and my inner confidence. It's improved a ton over the past few months. It's given me more than mones ever could. I'll take all this back to college next semester. Once I'm in a good natural agreement with myself again, I'll slowly introduce mones to see if they make a difference.

Mones only contribute 10% or so anyway right? I guess if I never had much value to start with the mones never added much. I'll never be done working on myself, but maybe if I reintroduce mones when I feel like I have much greater value, the 10% from the mones will count for more, and hopefully provide a noticeable difference.

ok ok enough rambling. Here's a picture.. hope the size doesn't mess up the page. EDIT: it totally did LOL. I attached the pic instead    
(This post was last modified: 06-04-2012 7:21 AM by js8166.)
06-04-2012 7:17 AM
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