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Adventures Online
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Adventures Online
01-26-2012 12:50 AM


I'm no dating guru and to be honest I'm just getting into the PUA, and what that means is I've only read a few e-books, some NLP, listened to a few audio books, and work on my appearance. So you see I'm no expert and I didn't want to claim to be. What I'm about to share with you is just a breakdown of a recent experience mine, that I thought could have useful tools in it for guys with similar situations as me.

How I got here, Why I started going to dating sites...

I want to start off with a little bit of my background, those of you who read my Intro hear and read my Journal know that I started using pheromones for social and seductive purposes because I felt I was losing control of my life, so not surprisingly pheromone use lead me into the world of Pick-up Artist or "Seduction Community" because I soon learned that I needed a little more than stuff to spray, drop, and dab on to get the party started, it wouldn't be until later that I found out that thing with be inner-game. It was awesome seeing how "negs", "push-pull", "rewards" techniques worked I felt like a Jedi sometimes when out with friends, but then when work hours changed and having to work multiple jobs, while also studying, making sure all your ducks are in a row, this makes trying to hit the nightlife/club scene difficult almost non-existent. Experts told me; "Well JonJon, you need to step up your Day Game."... "That's easy!" I thought. Wrong, it's a little bit trickier than the club scene, but not impossible, the problem is I live in a small town not many attractive young girls in a super market or plaza at 11:00a.m. To make matters worse my job is like working in a desolate missile silo, not a lot of girls.

So I ended up online... The first thing I thought was that there wouldn't be any attractive women on these site because they get hit on so much in "real life". Luckily I was wrong, very much so as it would turn out there are plenty of attractive women online with very specific needs just like the rest of us lol. Thinking back, I have used internet dating engines before, but with a different mindset and I used to strike out all the time. That's when I decided I could take the little I've learned now and apply it to the online dating game.

At the site!Twisted

1. Your User Name, Profile Page, and Photos...
For my user name I just chose something simple but clever with my name in it, "JonJon B. Good"... I knew that something that brought attention to my penis would automatically send the wrong message. Depending on what site you're using you will want to leave descriptions blank, I've found that writing about yourself too much gives off the wrong kind of signals to women, in particular these signals: "This guy has way too much time to be on the computer so he has no life." or "He loves talking about himself, he's so self-absorbed." and most of all you can blow the mystery that some women want to uncover when they start to date you. When I noticed this I cut my descriptions down, eventually I just left that part blank. Women don't want to spend all day reading your page they want you to engage them in conversation. I only use 1 to 2 photos at a time, it keeps up the mysterious factor. I just have one picture, it shows off my arms, broad shoulders and smile with a decent haircut.

2. Messaging > Text/Phone Calls > Date

Exactly in that order is my tested method. First off you want to message as many women you find attractive as possible, just like in "real life" they have tons of men talking to them, but a lot of these guys don't make it so far, in my experience 2 out every 5 girls (attractive) get back to me. When I started sending a bunch of messages I became overwhelmed with how many girls I had messaging me in my inbox. I used to only be able to send out a few messages because I would make these long drawn out messages and they would go nowhere. But I tweaked my typing and it touches on these key things: Introduce myself, commenting on her description or fashion sense, I tell her "we should talk", then ask her "what do you like to do for fun?" Example: "Hi, my name is JonJon. I like your description, I used to always say that in Calculus too! We should talk sometime, so what do you like to do for fun?" It's short sweet, they don't need you to tell them they're hot, pretty, or whatever. They know. All the girls I've talked to tell me about some weird guy who gives them a long message that just bores them, this way you get in and get out and you get them talking to you. When they message you and they will, it doesn't matter what they say (unless they are out rightly rejecting you) you automatically tell them, "I'm not really on this site that much, it's easier for me to text/talk, my # is 555-555-5555, what's yours?" I always get the number when I do that, I fell they're thinking, "Wow this guy really is busy, that means that I can get exclusive FWB rights if I want to because he's clearly not up here enough to be trying to lay with every girl on the site." After this, you spend minimal time on the phone and set a date asap, you don't want to create a fake relationship by talking on the phone too much or get her more attached than she needs to be in case she's not really what you're looking for,vice-versa.

3. The Date Night
You pull out all the stops here, if you're a member of this forum I have nothing to tell you about the Date lol. You get in there use your best mone mix, for me I always wear 3-6x Sprays of Glace, 2 dabs of New Pheromone Additive, and 20-40 mcg. of Androstadienone . Gets me what I want every time, drives em wild. Besides mones you use everything you've learned from PUA, NLP, whatever, just use it. But you want to be ethical with those method from PUA or whatever it is you use to get a social edge, because although they have many manipulative devices, it doesn't mean that you have to be evil, for example promising long-term when you're only interested in a one night stand. Also women don't want to be treated like a whores, they're sexual creatures like us and have needs, I'm saying this because there are many sites for casual dating and casual encounters, then women on those sites are no exception, I've learned that treating them with respect goes a long way, right to your room or hers lol. Consider modeling Protector-Alpha mannerisms and behaviors.

Pros And Cons and My Personal Experience

This gets you talking to women really fast, this can be very good for a complete beginner who has little to experience talking to women.
If you're experienced it's still very much an easy way to just end up talking and consorting with many women.

You can end up talking on the phone to some real "space cadets".
In "real-life" you get to see how a person carries herself, phero-signature, how they deal with unpredictable real-life situations, etc.

For me? Like I said when my time got cut down, I couldn't wait for some random night to go cold-approaching, I wanted to talk to women now. Now when a free night opens up I have a date lined-up, when a free night opens up for me I can go out cold-approaching and I'm way more relaxed around women than before because I'm talking to a bunch of them, I go on dates and take some of them home. I feel this has positively effected my aura around women because they can feel that sex is no big deal to me because I'm not desperate and I come off as laid-back guy. I'm also more prone to approach a woman now, rather than be nervous initially.

If you got this far thanks for reading I appreciate it, I know that I took an authoritative tone at times in this post it's really just my opinion based off of the success rate I had, I'm open to criticism on this method or my point of view.

Human...To a fault.

Edge Uscented
SOE Gel Packs
Glace Unscented


(This post was last modified: 01-26-2012 12:53 AM by JonJon.)
01-26-2012 12:50 AM
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