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10-11-2017 8:36 PM

Copied and pasted from me journal.

So on me birthday last 22nd September I went a bit over board, with NP17'S sale and Alpha dreams NOS (New Old Stock) AM and N.N.P.A from Lacroy. So far I got NP17'S package with perfect condition amd Alpha dreams NOS AM with perfect condition as well. I've requested a sample of Certo amd Corpo scented in L & S and they did just that. This is why I rekon AlphaD's customer service is good. For me at least. Smile

Tried AM NOS, for lazy man hits. I can see some LOOKS, as SOME on the board reckon that it means nothing. But ME personally, I rekon they're good hits, for me to at least have a chat. And with the AM NOS, I can see some of them, but I've seen it with AM new stock as well.

So,,, what's the difference?

First off, the dry down. I can see it drying down fairly quickly compared to the 2016 AM version I have. It dries down in half the time. Which means, it's more Alcohol based if I ain't mistaken. Compared to the Silicone based AM, the new old stock dries up quickly. That's the first difference I've noticed.

THIS, means it's a fast burner. IMHO. That means it hits quick, amd I gotta ACT quick. But I was WAAAAY too drunk at the royal exchange (a local pub I started going with full of college students) Luckyly I knew the bouncers. Smile (they're the same company from other pubs I go to)

Last night I just wanned to have a lazy DrChocolate night. I was testing if I can get the attention, without me doing none at all. And so far, it failed for lazy man hits. As in chicks approaching me while me doing none at all. Chances of this happening is very thin, but the none the less I wanna to practically try it. One guy tried to buy me a drink. Lol. But I've respectfully declined.

It's only one run, amd it was a uni night pub, so I haven't given up on it yet, till I can run it in me favorite pub, lefties or at me favorite night club 'Prohibition'.

So far, I can't see the lazy man hits I read in old threads with the old A.M. or MAG. But time will tell. This was on 2 sprays. On me neck leather and steel. Am 33 and the uni students were in their early 20's.
10-11-2017 8:36 PM
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