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A good togo bottle?
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RE: A good togo bottle?
09-19-2011 8:23 PM

I have a lot of sephoras and sometimes the outer metal case can get warped/bent. The glass container then doesn't fit as snug without bending it back in. I had a similar issue with the large atomizer from love scent.

I once forgot to tighten the glass part to the spray part. I was wondering why one lady was getting really solid hits with a couple of drops of down girl on. Turns out that at least a ml of true love leaked out into my pocket. I may have to try several sprays of TL with DG to see if i can repeat that.

With all that said, i do like using the sephoras because they are relatively inconspicuous and the metal case holds up really well.

Where does chris get his togos from? The togos from alphadream look really classy.
09-19-2011 8:23 PM
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RE: A good togo bottle?
09-19-2011 8:47 PM

(09-19-2011 8:13 PM)as33156 Wrote:  wow looks pimp shit. reps if i can

You guys in the US should be able to pick up one of these pretty cheap:

Can't see shipping cost (seller won't ship internationally), but shouldn't be too much. Question is if they're any good.

I'd test it out myself but cheapest i can get it for is $23.00 including international shipping. For that price i need assurance of quality. May try to find some unbiassed reviews.
(This post was last modified: 09-19-2011 8:51 PM by johnnyj.)
09-19-2011 8:47 PM
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RE: A good togo bottle?
09-19-2011 9:58 PM

This is the one I've been buying lately, I've gone through 4 different brands like Sephora, etc which are essentially all the same as variations on a theme, from Chinese manufacturers...

The new & improved Scent Genie is not openable - remove the spray cap from the neck of your source sprayer and stick it up the ass end of this thing and pump repeatedly to fill the container. Blush

The size is about the same as an Androtics or Wingman togo bottle, a little thicker, and leakproof as far as I can tell. I use a Sephora loaded with 70% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to clean it out.


This is around $30 for 3 - I find them at Walmart on an end cap in the makeup section for around USD $8-10, depending on which part of town the Walmart is in. Very handy little devices, even if a little uglified.

I'm still trying to get Chris to sell his togo bottles, they are so pimp!

I noticed that the togo bottles from Wingman (the X22) have a rubber gasket between the bottle and the cap, making them superior to any of the other similar togo bottles of the little plastic variety.

dbot found some togo bottles that are glass inside with a plastic outside that are very small as well, maybe around the same size as Androtics togo bottles? I'll search for the link he posted...

Yep found it -
Quote: The to-go sprayers I use aren't from AD, they're from New Directions Aromatics. You can get a box of $25 for like 10 or 15 bucks I think, and it's actually a tiny 5mL glass bottle inside of a plastic shell. Work pretty well, and give about 37 sprays per fill; I just round it up to 40 for measurements.

link to sprayer:

link to post with picture of the sprayers:

link to post discussing them:

I'll spray anything apparently...
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09-19-2011 9:58 PM
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