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A Week With LAID Brand Shampoo & Texture Paste
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Thumbs Up A Week With LAID Brand Shampoo & Texture Paste
04-07-2012 11:28 PM

Nutshell Review

Following is a very in-depth review of my daily use of these products for the past week. So in case you want to save yourself a few thousand words of reading, here's my overall take on LAID Brand hair products:

As hair products, I find them to be outstanding. I have very fine, dry, thick blond hair that is fairly resistant to styling. What's more, because it is so lightly colored and finely textured, it tends to really show off any product I use in it. The texture paste gives me good texture and shaping ability without making me look like I dumped a tub of product onto my head. It has, in fact, become my #1 favorite styling product! I normally use Redken #11, Axe Whatever paste, or occasionally Redken #20. I'll have to wait a little while for my hair to grow out before I can say for sure whether I can use this product exclusively, but so far the indications are very good! I managed to use the shampoo four days in a row before my hair got too dry to work with, which is at least 2 days more than I can usually wash my hair. Even then, the paste was able to do a decent job of getting it back in line!

As pheromone products, these are some of the best standalone pheromone products I have ever used. I realize that the manufacturer has rated them for 4-5 hours, but in my experience the texture paste is an excellent time-release 12+ hour pheromone product.

When wearing this stuff, I get a very subtle and pleasant self-effect which is confident, cheerful, and sexy. But the real story is how much ladies of all ages seem to like it! I get lots of signs of interest and arousal pretty much everywhere I go with this stuff. Guys get very helpful and buddy-buddy. The amazing thing is that I've seen very little signs of intimidation or aggression from it, even after the 6 hour mark when the mix starts to get a little more sexual.

My wife just loves the stuff - both before and during her period. This product manages to be sexy as hell and still work safe and wife safe. It probably won't be powerful enough as a standalone for crowded bars or clubs, but I can see it providing a very nice base coat to build on.

This formula is definitely very heavy on Androstadienone , but is well-balanced enough that I get no depressive effects until I've been wearing it nonstop for 4-5 days. After that I need a break, because I can't tolerate the high quantity of Androstadienone . Which is a shame, because the product is so good that I want to be able to use it every day. Surprisingly, I never got any androstenone buildup effects that I could detect.

Nevertheless, I like this stuff so much that I would not hesitate to recommend it to someone looking for their one-and-only pheromone product. I love the delivery mechanism. I just do my hair like normal, walk out the door, and enjoy and full day of sexy, charismatic pheromone-enhancement.


Now here's my daily breakdown of testing Laid products for one week:

Day 1 - Laid Shampoo + Laid Texture Paste

As hair products, the Laid shampoo and texture paste seem to be quite good! The shampoo feels nice, has a pleasant scent, and rinses clean. The texture paste was a little thinner than I expected, but once applied seemed to do a very nice job of taming my nordic locks. In fact, this first day wearing it was an exceptionally good hair day! My usually quite finicky hair allowed itself into a most excellent arrangement, where it stayed without looking wet or clumpy. One good hair day, of course, could just be a coincidence, so more days of use are necessary before I can really say for sure how much I like the stuff. The scent of the paste is very light, masculine, and pleasant. For a number of hours after application, I would occasionally detect a gentle waft of something good, only to realize it was coming from my hair.

As a pheromone product, I found the self-effect surprisingly subtle. I noticed a slight relaxed energy coming over me, some increased confidence, and a general sexy feeling. I didn't notice the big phero-rush in the shower that others have described, even when I put my hand right up to my nose for a big whiff.

At school that morning, I noticed an unusually good chatty vibe in the room. Later, one girl in the class who is usually very reserved was unusually fidgety, making frequent eye contact with me, exposing her wrists, and playing with the scarf she had tied around her neck. Several times she seemed to stretch her chest out in my direction.

Waiting for the bus home, a well put-together 50ish woman started chatting me up and continued for the duration of the busride. She seemed to connect with me immediately. I could be wrong, but I got the impression that she did not usually interact with random people this way. At one point she stopped herself and asked if she was bothering me, or if I wanted my silence.

At home, my wife told me a couple of times how great I looked today, and once or twice while I was sitting came in for a hug and a big old sniff of my hair. She seemed somewhat aroused and playful.

The effects seemed to stay level and constant from about 8 am til 2 or 3 in the afternoon - 6+ hours! Around that time, I started getting really horny and having trouble concentrating. I have a feeling that whatever was buffering the androstenone had then begun to wear off. For all-day wear, it may be wise to carry a little something social with you just in case a buffer becomes necessary. But it still wasn't pure androstenone working at this point. There was still something dampening the aggression and turning it more sexual.

Let's see, the ingredients list goes: androstadienone, androstenone, androstanone, androsterone, epiandrosterone -- my guess would that it's mostly the A6 (epi-Androsterone) burning off in the first 6 hours. But then, Chris also mentioned that there is some secret sauce in the mix that is not listed in the ingredients. Anyway, the mix seems to retain some very good properties well past its prime, even beyond the 12 hour mark.

At 14 hours, my wife was still talking about how great I looked that day. Couldn't keep her hands off me. I ended up with a very passionate end to my good hair day.

Day 2 - Laid Shampoo + Texture Paste

I continue to be impressed with the properties of these hair products. The paste could very easily replace my previous favorite, Redken #11.Two good hair days in a row is a win.

Met up with a friend for lunch. On the bus ride there I didn't notice any overt responses, until I quipped something about a loud family that got off the bus to the young Asian girl beside me and she seemed more open than I expected. She laughed quite readily. My buddy seemed fairly normal; perhaps a bit more talkative than usual. On the bus ride back a skinny blonde 20-something to my left was toeing at me pretty persistently, and she was then joined by a buxom 18ish girl who began toeing at me from across the aisle. It was kind of surreal having two ladies within a 4-foot radius twirling and shaking their feet at me simultaneously. The young one began pushing out her breasts and pawing at her hair with her wrist turned out toward me. The grand finale for her was when she braced her arms underneath the boobs, giving them a nice hoist, and proceeded to bend over in her seat while twisting her body around so as to reveal the inside of her cleavage. Excellent.

I had the afternoon free so I just walked around town a bit. Everyone I came into contact with seemed very friendly with me. At hour 6 I stopped into an H&M to pick up a couple things, and the bubbly 20ish girl at the counter started giggling and commenting on how cute my underwear were Big Grin

Jesus, Chris, what'd you put in this stuff??

This seems to be a remarkably solid, charismatic blend suitable for daily wear while being sexy as hell. I'm impressed that it's this sexy while still managing to be so likeable. And I know this stuff is officially rated for 4-5 hours of use, but so far in my experience this seems to be a pretty damn good all-day pheromone product. If somebody weren't really into messing with the hobby of pheromones -- a dab of this, 2 drops of that, three sprays of the other thing -- I could comfortably recommend this as their one and only pheromone product. Just style your hair and be done with it.

That night, I went out on a date with my wife. I found everyone we encountered to be unusually interested and accommodating. The men I interacted with seemed to regard me as a really cool and interesting person. Around hour 12, My wife again started telling me how great I was looking the last couple of days, how confident and stylish I seemed. This is very unusual for her on a couple of different levels. She is not ordinarily so specifically complimentary. Also, she is rarely responsive to any pheromones -- and she's been exposed to damn near everything on the market. Even more unusual is that this positive response came on the first day of her period, which is a time when she is typically even less responsive than usual!

I will continue to wear this stuff on its own for a couple days to judge its consistency and gauge for build-up effects.

Day 3 - Laid Shampoo and Texture Paste

I continue to be impressed with the quality of these hair products. The shampoo is very concentrated. After 4 days of use I'm not even halfway through my 1oz sample. It produces a profuse, creamy lather and the scent is refreshing and masculine.

For the texture paste, I use a dab about the volume of an almond and it does my short (~1-2in) hair very nicely. At that rate, my sample container is going to last like a month! And the level of control that I have with this product is quite a bit better than anything else I've tried actually -- I can fully style my hair without it looking like I used a bunch of product to style it. I'm really impressed with the performance of this stuff. I would actually buy it even if it didn't have any pheromones in it.

In fact, I'm very interested to see whether I detect androstenone buildup after a few days, because if not I'll just use it every day, and if so I'll try to convince Laid Brand to make a phero-free version to use every few days while I wait for the buildup to disperse. I keep wanting to try the shampoo on its own just to see what its pheromone-infusing properties are like, but I just don't want to go without this great styling paste!

Anyway, that morning I went my local Starbucks to work on my dissertation. I sat at one of those big tables where a number of people can sit down and work, and you have room to spread out some papers and whatnot. Within 5 minutes of sitting down, a sexy 40ish hispanic woman started doing stretches that just happened to pop her boobs out in my direction. She seemed to get back into the swing of her work after a while, but I noticed a goodly amount of lip-licking and boob-popping from her on an ongoing basis. When she got up to leave, she popped the tip of her tongue out of her mouth and just displayed it for a minute while getting herself together to leave.

I notice that the older a woman is, the more fine-tuned her control of her arousal response generally is. Young girls start wriggling and eyeballing you right away, whereas older women may never look directly at you. In many cases I see them looking everywhere but at me, making creating a rather conspicuous absence.

An older gentleman asked me to keep an eye on his laptop while he went to the bathroom, but had trouble putting his request together, like he was trying to sound really cool about it. This could be a respect hit.

A bit later as I sat working I noticed a smoking hot early-20s girl with curly black hair and dark skin - undetermined ethnicity -- walking by me. I looked up to find her looking and me and smiling as she walked by! This performance was then repeated 10 minutes later! There were incidental smiles from a couple other young hotties as well as time went by, but I was mostly focused on my research.

Returning home for a late lunch, my wife -- who was fully into her period now -- continued to be very affectionate and seemed to be comforted by my presence. Very unusual when wearing a high-androstenone product. Must be quite a bit of Androstadienone in here as well.

Day 4 - Laid Shampoo & Texture Paste

This day went very much like the previous. I used both products again - this time noticing that my hair was finally getting a bit stripped from shampooing every day. My hair doesn't agree with daily shampooing; I can get away with maybe 3 times a week. So I'm sort of impressed that it took 4 days for this shampoo to dry my hair out. I actually just noticed this morning that it was 2-in-1 shampoo and body wash! I haven't used it as a body wash yet.

It was another Starbucks study day for me. The two cute young baristas seemed exceptionally eager to serve. The girl who made my drink handed it to me with an unusual depth of prolonged eye contact.

I sat down across from a couple of college girls who were each working on their laptops. Both of them showed a strange tendency to spread their knees apart in my general direction and fidget with their legs a bit. One doped-up thirty-something developed a bit of a Deer in the headlights look at me as she walked by. She almost stopped in the middle of her path back from the bathroom. I thought she might be stroking out or something.

Later that night, my wife continued her pattern from the previous days of just really thinking I'm the bees knees. Period or no period, she loves this stuff!

Day 5 - Laid Texture Paste Only

Today I wanted to give my hair a break from the daily shampooing that it hates, and also to test out the texture paste on its own! Unfortunately, I got caught up in a bunch of projects and ended up never leaving the house :/

It's really surprising that this product has such excellent social effects, while having such subtle self-effects. This is great for me, because I tend to get overwhelmed by self-effects very easily and so can't often use doses as large as other people report good results with. But with this stuff, I get a nice little confidence boost, some positive mood effects, and that's it -- no phero-rush. This is a very good thing!

However, during the course of day five I started really noticing some depression effects - lower energy, poor mood, negative internal dialog, general feeling of being overwhelmed. The hallmarks of too much Androstadienone exposure, for me. I'm not sure whether it's building up in my hair, or whether the prolonged exposure is just starting to get to me. I haven't been showering before bed, so I have been continuously exposed for days now. And even though I've been using it for the most part first thing in the morning, I find that this stuff just lasts and lasts. It might last 24 hours!

Day 6 - Body Wash and Texture Paste

Today the Androstadienone depression got to me pretty hard. I went around town running some errands, and even though people were responding to me positively, I had that feeling like I just needed to get away. This lasted for pretty much the whole day. In the evening I washed my hair and skin really well and the effects faded pretty quickly.

So for me, it looks like 4 days in a row is about the limit of my tolerance for the level of Androstadienone in this mix. However, the fact that I felt better right away after washing it off probably means that the effect was not caused by buildup in my actual hair. Thinking back, effects seemed pretty consistent throughout the week I've been testing these products; I never got a sense that there was androstenone (A2) buildup, which surprised me.

I really hope the texture paste ends up being sold in both the phero-enhanced version and a phero-free version, because I love this hair product and would love to be able to use it every day.
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04-07-2012 11:28 PM
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