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8/13/16 Review of Alpha Dream’s EST
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Mother's Granddaughter

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8/13/16 Review of Alpha Dream’s EST
08-13-2016 2:07 PM

8/13/16 Review of Alpha Dream’s EST

I tested Alpha Dream’s single molecule EST in March of 2016. The average temperature was in the 70s and it was often rainy. This phero comes in a dropper and I usually wore anywhere from 2-4 drops split between the tops of my hands and my neck. The throw on this phero was up to 14 feet away.

I usually don’t get self effects from Pheromones, but I want to say that I felt more vulnerable and sensitive sometimes when I wore EST. The effects on others were very subtle, mild, and inconsistent.

When I did get hits I noticed that men and women of all ages were protective of me and generous. For example, I was given free food, I often had bank tellers, and other business people who had known me for years be extra careful about explaining things to me to ensure that I understood what something meant. Women were nurturing/hand holding and men could be kind of paternalistic. People overall were courteous and pleasant.
After about 2-3 hours of wearing this phero sometimes it felt as if it would wear/burn off/go dead.

I think this is a very feminizing phero, but I think it works better when blended with another phero instead of wearing it alone.

I can’t recommend this and would not repurchase this as a single phero since there are so many good mixes that incorporate EST. Plus using this as a single phero yields such inconsistent results.

Androtics: Instant Sexiness B & MX426
08-13-2016 2:07 PM
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Checking out the place

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RE: 8/13/16 Review of Alpha Dream’s EST
08-17-2016 12:43 PM

Do they still sell single molecules? When i press add to cart it says page not found..

My arsenal:
L2K v.1(+), AM(+), Glace(+) 2016 versions, NPA oil

Did try:
AV(-), wolf(-), SOB(-), xist(-), evolve(-), IS(+), ammo(-), IJ(+), L2K v.1 (2015)(++), glace (2015)(+)

++ amazing
-no effect
08-17-2016 12:43 PM
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RE: 8/13/16 Review of Alpha Dream’s EST
08-17-2016 1:56 PM

No, Alpha Dreams stopped selling single molecules for a while now. Most probably HoneyCake bought it a long time ago but I might be wrong.

Age: 29 years old (helpful if reading my journal)
Journal ->: HERE

Current Stash

Alpha Dream: Glace
Androtics: TAC (20mcg), P83 (20mcg), P96 (20mcg), P97 (20mcg)
Apex: M3X
LAL: BW, Max T, Wolf
Pheromone XS: Cohesion, Connections
Love Potion: 40 samples
08-17-2016 1:56 PM
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